Easily Decorating Any Home Designs with Handicraft Decorations

For some people, a handmade decoration is quite preferable both to press the budget and to lead creativity. If you agree with this idea, you probably need to manage handicrafts in your room. It is optional for you whether you want to make on yourself or to buy them. Make ure you have enough references to guide you. Check the following ideas:

1. Tiny Smiley Vase

Handicraft Home Decors

Source: diyjoy.com

If you have used vase, you can repaint it to get more fresh look. Draw a smiley emoticon to give a renew touch. Then, you can plant small cacti in it. The more you have vases, the more you can play with drawing and color.

2. Oak Seeds Hanging Decor

Handicraft Home Decors

Source: rhythmsofplay.com

If you have a time to collect seeds, you can find some oak seeds to make this cute hanging decor. You can combine it with some colorful rope and plastic balls to fulfill. If you have many of them, you will get a group of oak seeds hanging decors.

3. Colorful Feathers

Handicraft Home Decors

Source: mothernatured.com

Usually you will find feathers as the characteristics of bohemian style. You can use any forms of feathers to paint. Then, you can manage them on the wall in random arrangement. It will be such a unique handmade decoration.

4. Flower Wreath

Handicraft Home Decors

Source: liveinternet.ru

Flower wreath for some reasons is difficult to make, as usually people will buy it. But, if you have enough time and money, you can make a flowers wreath with a plastic flowers. Yu can freely design it then set it at the wall. Combine with a single candle glass to invite warm scheme.

5. Leave on Frame

Handicraft Home Decors

Source: shakemyblog.fr

This beautiful leave becomes a precious decoratio that you can easily make. All you need to do is just to preserve it then set in a frame picture. If you have enough money, you can buy more frame pictures to fulfill with a single leave.

6. Vase of Cacti

Handicraft Home Decors

Source: s95.photobucket.com

For those who love cacti, you can buy some to plant in a small vase. You can combine big vase and small vase to get a random look in your wooden cabinetry. It is quite simple but resulting a beauty.

7. Hanging Plantations

Handicraft Home Decors

Source: shackrevamp.com

Inviting freshness can be also done by using hanging plantations. It gives you a balance with the vases on the table. You can play with the color and material of the vase. The more you are creative, the more you get a perfect design in your corner.

8. Glass Vase

Handicraft Home Decors

Source: buzzfeed.com

If you have some used bottle, you can remake it as flowers vases. It is quite simple as you don’t need to do many steps. Just put some sunflowers in each bottle to get a beautiful look.

9. Wooden Hanging Clock

Handicraft Home Decors

Source: trendyhomedecorations.com

For those who love artistic and unique items, you can make a wooden hanging clock. It can be such an option to replace common watch yet it is quite easy to make on yourself.

10. Simple Dried Plant

Source: veguci.com

Hanging a dried plant at the wall, why not? You can preserve a single plant to set in a small frame picture, then hang it at the wall. It will be such a simple handicraft in any corner.

It is easy to make handicrafts, right? Try it at home.

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