9 Ways to Bring Uniqueness with These Rustic Farmhouse Hutch Models

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One of preferable storage places due to its simple design and affordable price. It is also applicable for minimalist room thus you will be less worry to buy hutch model. If you have some furniture or stuff that need to be saved, you can get rustic hutch at the home shop. You may also make it custom at the craftsman.

Several Unique Rustic Farmhouse Hutch Models to Set in Your Minimalist Room

There are some hutch types that you can choose based on your budget and house theme. It needs high consideration as choosing wrong hutch models will decrease the house aesthetic. Thus, it is recommended for you to search enough references first. Look at the following rustic farmhouse hutch models:

1. Some Layers

Rustic Farmhouse Hutch
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This white hutch looks so simple and artistic due to its function as bottle storage place. You can make it customarily with some layers thus you can place different stuffs in each layer. Then place this hutch at the corner.

2. Pale Blue Hutch

Rustic Farmhouse Hutch
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Pale blue is never wrong for hutch color as it brings calmness if you set it in a dark room. This hutch has artistic feature in each drawer resulting classy and elegant furniture in a simple space. You can use it as storage place at the drawer and decoration place at the top.

3. Covered Hutch

Rustic Farmhouse Hutch
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Some people prefer buying covered hutch as it will be cleaner than uncovered hutch. You may choose this metallic covering for the hutch then set it at the corner. You will get such a minimalist storage place.

4. Wooden Hutch

Rustic Farmhouse Hutch
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As rustic style usually performs simplicity, it is okay to use wooden material without painting for the hutch. Its natural tone will result such a classy accent at the corner. You can choose wooden hutch with glass covering.

5. Glass Covered

Rustic Farmhouse Hutch
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This hutch with glass covering is right for saving some dishes that are functional both as decoration and stuff itself. You can choose plain brown hutch model to match with white wall painting and white flooring.

6. Unique Accessories

Rustic Farmhouse Hutch
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Although the main function of hutch is for saving items, it does not mean you cannot modify it with some accessories. As long as you have enough high creativity, you can set rustic farmhouse decoration at the top as like wooden sign and flowers wreath.

7. Short Legs Model

Rustic Farmhouse Hutch
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Previous hutch have long legs, now we move to hutch with short legs. Its short legs result such a simple and cute hutch. It has glass covering that allow you to keep some decorations in it.

8. Glass Layer

Rustic Farmhouse Hutch
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If you mostly found hutch with wooden layer. This hutch gives you different yet unique style as it uses glass layer to separate each space. Thus, you can easily place different stuffs in each layer.

9. High Hutch

Rustic Farmhouse Hutch
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Some people probably prefer buying simple and small hutch model. But for those who have many items to keep, they will prefer bigger hutch model. This natural wooden buffet is perfect for those who have many stuffs.

All of these hutch models are unique, right?