10 Ways of Maximizing House Design with These Industrial Home Decor Ideas

Do you know industrial home decorations that most people usually use as restaurant or any public space decoration? You probably want to improve it in your own house. If you want to make it in your house, you can start by selecting some industrial decors that reflects your personality.

10 Ways of Maximizing House Design with These Industrial Home Decor Ideas

Before starting, some people need to collect enough references to begin. If you agree with this, you can browse some ideas of industrial home decors. You may also ask interior designer to give new inspirations. Behold some industrial home decors that you may need to follow:

1. Hanging Mason Jar

Industrial Home Decor

Source: etsy.com

Before starting to beautify your room with big vase, you may get inspired to these mason jars to fulfill with some houseplants. You can hang them on the wall with a tiny rope and wooden rack. It will become such a very artistic decoration.

2. Hanging Storage Place

Industrial Home Decor

Source: thecottagemarket.com

Sometimes, you can function decoration along with storage place as like this cotton bud place. You may use hanging mason jars to set on the rope and to hang on the wall. It will beautify your room as well.

3. Big Drum

Industrial Home Decor

Source: makingitinthemountains.com

First time you see it, you may wonder it is a kind of garbage. But this wheeled drum actually belongs to a very nice storage place in any house. You can hang it at the wall and it becomes such a very nice decoration along with storage place.

4. Hanging Rack

Industrial Home Decor

Source: bestofdiyideas.com

For those who love reading, saving some books is a must, thus they will make a special place for them. This hanging rack is really effective for keeping your book collections. You can reach them easily whenever you want to read.

5. Hanging Decorative Lamp

Industrial Home Decor

Source: pufikhomes.com

Sometimes lighting aspect should be given much more attention as it can be focal point in any room as like living room. This hanging decorative lamp looks glam and luxurious for the living room. You don’t need to combine with any other decors.

6. Small Glass of Flowers

Industrial Home Decor

Source: delightfull.eu

Is it uncommon of setting a flower at the bathroom? No, it can be such a good idea as long as you know the right place to set. Small glass of lavender is very nice to place beside the wastafel.

7. Stair of Storage Place

Industrial Home Decor

Source: buzzfeed.com

Are you bored of seeing oldish storage place in your room? You can replace with this artistic stair hanging storage place. Manage some accessories and decorations in each layer. You will get such a unique corner.

8. Wooden Hanging Rack

Industrial Home Decor

Source: bloglovin.com

Sometimes, you can improve decoration by using simple space as like this wooden rack. Set a vase of houseplant in each layer. You will get such a gorgeous decoration to invite freshness.

9. Rustic Lamps

Industrial Home Decor

Source: idomyselph.com

For those who love rustic style, it can be good to set hanging rustic lamp. You can set between wall with rope and then combine with small lamps in a line. You will get such a romantic dining room design.

10. Some Houseplants on Vases

Industrial Home Decor

Source: roundecor.com

Bringing naturalness can be done by setting some houseplants on vase. Choose different houseplants then set them at the corner room.

All of these decorations can be improved easily. Try it!

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