10 Stylish and Elegant Parisian Home Decors to Easily Copy

Parisian home decor is one of popular concept coming from French. As we know that French house design usually looks glamour, thus it probably needs much more money to buy the decoration. But if you have limited money, still you can maximize used stuffs to create handmade home decorations. As long as you know better the concept behind Parisian theme, you will get a perfect Parisian home decor ideas. The following ideas of Parisian home decors will help you more:

1. Elegant Tone

Parisian Home Decors

Source: estliving.com

No need much money to spend for buying painting. You can play better with minimum color as like this white and pink combination for the bathroom. Baby pink and white can be such a perfect tone for your Parisian bathroom home decoration.

2. White Color

Parisian Home Decors

Source: nordicdesign.ca

White never be so weird for the characteristics of Parisian home decors which usually apply dark theme. You can paint the entire wall of bathroom in white. Complete with some stuffs in the same color as like bathtub, tiles, and curtain.

3. Hanging Pictures

Parisian Home Decors

Source: kathykuohome.com

Black tone is compatible for the floor and wall color. But, you still need to play with colorful decorations as like hanging pictures in different colors. These two colorful hanging pictures are perfect to beautify the wall in your room.

4. Small Statue

Parisian Home Decors

Source: architecturaldigest.com

Some people love artistic feature coming from traditional decorations. Thus, you can manage some statues to set on the small table at the living room. Make sure you choose bright color for the statues to complete the dark tone of the wall and floor.

5. Farmhouse Accessories

Parisian Home Decors

Source: habituallychic.luxury

Some people get bored of using one single decoration, thus they want to mix and match more than one concept as like this Parisian farmhouse decors. You can set some farmhouse accessories on the table to complete the Parisian look.

6. Pattern Flooring

Parisian Home Decors

Source: bloglovin.com

In order to complete the plain color of white painting, you can buy some pattern furniture as like tiles, carpet, and table clothing. They will be such a perfect combination for the Parisian home decors. You can also apply traditional accent coming from chairs and table.

7. Luxurious Hanging Lamp

Parisian Home Decors

Source: mydomaine.com

You can also maximally improve lighting aspect by buying luxurious hanging lamp to set from the ceiling. It will be such a focal point that give you luxury accent in your Parisian home decor. The lamp has chandelier that gives you unique scheme in your living room.

8.  Colorful Fresh Flowers

Parisian Home Decors

Source: vestidoslindosatelier.com

For inviting natural look, you can buy some fresh flowers at the florist. You can manage them in different vase then set them at the corner of the room. Combine with parquet flooring made of wooden. These will be such a beautiful combination of Parisian home decor idea.

Before starting to manage the room with Parisian theme, all you need to do is collecting enough references. Some of those references may give you many new ideas. This depends on your imagination and budget. Try to improve on yourself!

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