10 Elegant and Stylish Home Decor Items Homemade to Perfectly Decorate

Making on yourself decorations can be such a challenging idea. As long as you can get the materials, of course you can create some unique decorations. In making homemade item, you can search some references first at the internet. You can easily mix and match the material to create new item.

10 Elegant and Stylish Home Decor Items Homemade to Perfectly Manage

Determining elegant and stylish home decor can be in many ways. You can buy luxurious stuffs to create new homemade items. You probably have some used-stuffs to recycle as new decorations. It depends on your budget and taste. Have a look the following stylish home decors homemade items to give you new idea:

1. Farmhouse Sign on a Map

Home Decor Items Handmade

Source: lifeoneastpowersdrive.com

Most people use map as direction, but some of them have in mind to make them as decoration. You can easily make on yourself a handmade item from map. Set a farmhouse sign on the map then hang them at the wall. Choose different size of maps then arrange them randomly.

2. Wood of Candles

Home Decor Items Handmade

Source: nordichouse.co.uk

Candles can be such a unique accessories to set in any rooms. You can use some wood barns to make a candle placement. Put the candle on each wood and you will get stylish and unique decoration in your room.

3. Wooden Board

Home Decor Items Handmade

Source: architectureartdesigns.com

Sometimes, people won’t spend much more money to buy furniture, thus they will make on themselves such a unique furniture from used stuff as like this wooden board. You can place some hooks to hang the glass on it. It will be functional as decoration and accessories.

4. Hanging Plants Decoration

Home Decor Items Handmade

Source: architectureartdesigns.com

This white hanging plant is much more elegant than pictures or painting. You can paint them in white to give similar tone with the white wall. It will describe simplicity at all in your room.

5. Glass Bottle of Houseplant

Home Decor Items Handmade

Source: amp.apartmenttherapy.com

Do you have some glass bottles at home? Then you can use them as vase to fulfill with fresh houseplants. You can complete with water to keep them fresh. On the top of the jar, set a candle. It will be such a double function accessories in your dining room.

6. Jars of Different Plants

Home Decor Items Handmade

Source: wonderfuldiy.com

The dining room in your house will be much more beautiful if you complete with candle and houseplant on the jars. You can buy different houseplants to set in each jar, then fulfill with water and set a candle on the top of the jar.

7. Shells in the Jar

Home Decor Items Handmade

Source: thegingerbreadblog.com

For those who love coastal theme, you can make on yourself a decoration from shells. Put some shells in a glass jar then fulfill with water. Combine with some houseplants to get such a perfect look.

8. Handmade Sunflower

Home Decor Items Handmade

Source: 99diydecor.win

Cuteness sometimes comes from simple stuff as like flanel to make such a unique sunflower. You can buy yellow and green flanel then make on yourself some sunflowers to hang at the wall.

9. Cage of Coral Reef

Home Decor Items Handmade

Source: mossandivy.wordpress.com

Have you ever imagined that cage can be also useful to make a decoration? You can set some coral reef in the cage then hang it from the ceiling.

10. Glass Lamp of Flowers

Home Decor Items Handmade

Source: jimmy-wood.tumblr.com

Glass lamp can be useful to replace vase. You can fulfill with water then complete with fresh flowers. You will get such a beautiful accessories.

All of these decorations are easy to make. Try to improve!

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