10 Ways of Bringing Classic Look with These Traditional Farmhouse Architectures

Traditional house design still becomes interesting for modern people as it implies humble and simple look. If you agree with this concept and want to make in your house, you may need some references. You may need to buy some furniture with classy theme and house material on a budget.

Some Great Ideas of Bringing Classic Looks with These Traditional Farmhouse Architectures

Before starting to modify your house, first of all you need to collect enough references related to traditional farmhouse theme. You probably tend to focus on the house material or furniture. It is all up to you based on the budget that you have. Have a look the following traditional farmhouse architectures to copy:

1. High Porch

Traditional Farmhouse Architecture

Source: m.domino.com

Traditional farmhouse design usually performs luxury accent by choosing high ceiling model. You can improve it as porch ceiling with white painted wall. Complete with oldish wooden door to invite uniqueness in front of your house.

2. Wooden Ceiling

Traditional Farmhouse Architecture

Source: traditionalhome.com

Some ceiling model looks so gorgeous and unique to combine with wood. You may choose durable wood to set below the ceiling. It will result such a perfect combination if you paint it similar to the ceiling. Complete with some wooden windows in the same tone.

3. Wooden Domination

Traditional Farmhouse Architecture

Source: dezeen.com

You may choose a single material for the entire house as like wooden. As a symbol of traditional look, you can apply as furniture, ceiling, and flooring. It will match perfectly to the scheme in creamy and soft brown. You can mix and match with black doormat and white painted wood.

4. Wooden Gate

Traditional Farmhouse Architecture

Source: a-yarn.tea-nifty.com

Some people may need enough fresh air for inviting natural scheme in their house. Thus, you can choose wooden gate for setting at the front house. Complete with wooden windows and parquet flooring to maximize traditional accent in your house.

5. Bamboo Ceiling

Traditional Farmhouse Architecture

Source: dezeen.com

This big porch looks so glam yet classy with bamboo material for the ceiling. It can be a replacement of wooden. You don’t even need a coloring to make it natural and classy. Complete with marble flooring to bring elegance.

6. Glass Wall

Traditional Farmhouse Architecture

Source: onekindesign.com

Instead of choosing wooden material for the wall, you may also choose glass. It will be a good choice to bring bright look coming from outside. You may complete with big curtain or just keep it uncovered.

7. Simple Lighting

Traditional Farmhouse Architecture

Source: t-s-k-b.tumblr.com

As traditional house design usually focus on simplicity, you don’t need to explore lighting with much more budget. Just choose simple lighting in white to lighten the entire room. It will symbolize simplicity at all.

8. Stone Material

Traditional Farmhouse Architecture

Source: houseplans.com

Some simple house design can be dominated with stone material for the wall. You may choose small into medium stone for the wall. It will limit the budget as you don’t need to color it.

9. White and Blue

Traditional Farmhouse Architecture

Source: indulgy.com

White as a neutral color can be mixed with any different color. You may choose old blue to bring oldish and calm look in your house. Blue color for the ceiling and white for the wall become a good unity in your traditional house design.

10. Wood and Stone

Traditional Farmhouse Architecture

Source: thepinkclutchblog.com

Stone material is also perfect to combine with wood. You may apply as pillar foundation and wall material. It will result such a nice combination to invite classy scheme in your house.

Which one is your favorite traditional farmhouse architecture?

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