9 Gorgeous Farmhouse Buffet Designs as Simple and Elegant Storage Places

Buffet is a kind of effective storage place for dining room that most people need in their house. Some of them also get interested in handmade buffet design that is suitable for their house design. If you also get interested in farmhouse buffet design that you can make on yourself, probably you can get enough references to begin.

10 Gorgeous Farmhouse Buffet Designs to Complete your House

There are some buffet models that you can copy, as like traditional, modern, or rustic model. Each of them has its own characteristic. You can easily decide buffet model that is suitable for your dining room design. The following farmhouse buffet designs probably give you more ideas to improve:

1. Buffet with Closed Drawer

Farmhouse Buffet Decor

Source: lexington.com

Some buffet models have mini drawers and cabinets. This buffet design has closed drawer designs which allow you to keep save some dishes in it. You may also use the the top as table for setting some decorations. A big mirror is also good to set at the wall.

2. Buffet with Wooden Rack

Farmhouse Buffet Decor

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This buffet is probably set at the dining room. It proofs from the hanging rack for placing some glasses and dishes. You may also place some important items at the closed cabinet and drawer, complete with flowery decoration on the table.

3. Traditional Buffet

Farmhouse Buffet Decor

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This buffet model loos so simple and classy due to its traditional design. Less wood-carved with closed cabinet can be such a good idea for saving some important items. You can set it at the corner of dining room.

4. Buffet with Sign

Farmhouse Buffet Decor

Source: worthingcourtblog.com

For those who has perfectionist personality, placing the right stuffs at the right place is a must. You may begin from giving sign at the buffet to differentiate the stuffs. You may place decorations on the table to maximize the room look.

5. Half Opened Drawer

Farmhouse Buffet Decor

Source: justdestinymag.com

This buffet design has two different drawers, they are opened drawer and closed drawer. Its natural color represents rustic style at all. You can place some reachable stuffs at the opened drawer as like glasses and some dishes.

6. Long Buffet Model

Farmhouse Buffet Decor

Source: ana-white.com

Choosing the right size buffet is also important to manage in your room. This long buffet design is perfect to set at the corner to place some important stuffs and decorations on the top.

7. Opened Cabinet

Farmhouse Buffet Decor

Source: shadesofblueinteriors.com

As we know buffet is usually completed with drawer and cabinet, you can remodel such a unique buffet with opened cabinet in each side. Unique wood-carved for the legs give such an aesthetic touch for the buffet.

8. Black Buffet

Farmhouse Buffet Decor

Source: lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com

This black buffet looks so glam and luxurious due to its black tone. Its single color results such a mysterious look in your corner. Combine with some accessories over the table.

9. Small Square Drawer

Farmhouse Buffet Decor

Source: iroonie.com

Most drawer model has big size to save some items. If you want to make it right size for putting a single stuff, you can choose small square drawer at the center of the buffet. Complete it with closed cabinet in each side.

Now you know that there are many buffet models that you can try in your room. Choose one of them.

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