10 Luxurious and Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Tile as Desirable Choice

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Bathroom as one of primary room that many houses should have, need high improvement. It usually follows the house theme to make such a perfect house interior. One of elements that you should improve is tiles. There are some farmhouse bathroom tiles that you can choose to fit your bathroom design. It depends on the budget and your taste.

10 Luxurious and Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Tile as Desirable Choice

Some bathroom tiles are adopted from different culture in each country. But it is free for you to choose the best tile model to set in your bathroom. You may follow your country culture or you can get import tile as long as it is right for your bathroom design. Have a look the following luxurious farmhouse bathroom tile that give you new idea:

1. Blue Pattern Tile

Farmhouse Bathroom Tile
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This blue pattern tile is exactly right to set as bathroom wall. You don’t need to paint the wall if you set it overall up to the ceiling. It will be better to combine with white flooring and white wall painting at the other sides.

2. Black Circle Pattern

Farmhouse Bathroom Tile
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If your house design uses monochromatic theme, you may also manage in your bathroom. Choosing black and white as the primary colors can be such a good idea. This bath tub has black and white combination to bring balance with black pattern tiles at the wall.

3. Corner Side

Farmhouse Bathroom Tile
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Although in choosing tile models, you can modify for the overall bathroom wall, you can limit it if you have minimum budget. Choose flowery pattern tile to set at the corner bathroom. It will match to combine with white tub and white closet.

4. Pattern Tiles Flooring

Farmhouse Bathroom Tile
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In generating such a cute accent, you can also set pattern tiles for the flooring. Choose more than one pattern to complete each other in term of shape and color. You will get such a luxurious look in your ordinary bathroom.

5. Half Wall and Floor

Farmhouse Bathroom Tile
Source: just-in-home-design.com

People tend to be more creative in designing their house. It can be seen by the use of material in many ways that are usually different and unique. This bathroom model for instance, it applies the same pattern tiles for a half wall and half floor. It creates such a unique accent to combine with plain white painting.

6. Black and Creamy Composition

Farmhouse Bathroom Tile
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Have you ever seen eco-friendly bathroom design? Sometimes, it is characterized by the use of parquet flooring. Parquet flooring usually has cream or brown color. Thus, it can be maximally combine with yellow pattern tiles for the wall. Complete with black and white tiles as a perfect combination.

7. Luxurious Black Tiles

Farmhouse Bathroom Tile
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Most previous bathroom tiles are pattern model. Actually, you may also choose plain bathroom tiles for setting at the wall. It can be luxurious black tiles model which creates glam and elegant look. Combine with white flooring and half wall painted in white.

8. Abstract Pattern

Farmhouse Bathroom Tile
Source: homedecorfun.org

This bathroom design is probably right for those who love classic house design. It is completed with abstract tiles for a half wall beside the tub.

9. White Pattern Tiles

Farmhouse Bathroom Tile
Source: jessicaconner.com

Another tile model that you can improve is white pattern tiles. It has circle shape that gives such an elegant look to complete with white wall painted.

10. Small Pattern Tiles

Farmhouse Bathroom Tile
Source: wholiving.com

Small hexagon pattern tiles for the floor can be such a unique choice. Complete with white wall painting to bring balance.

Which one is your favorite bathroom tiles?