9 Gorgeous Mediterranean Farmhouse Kitchen Designs to Easily Copy

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Mediterranean is a design style introduced in the United State which is inspired by Spanish, Italian, Arabian, and Venetian architectures. It is typically described by rectangular floor plan, feature massive, circle window, etc. It can be functional for any house part included farmhouse kitchen. You may try it on your house.

Several Gorgeous Mediterranean Farmhouse Kitchen Designs to Copy

If you want to remodel your kitchen with Mediterranean concept, you may need to have a look some ideas. It begins from collecting enough references of Arabian, Italian, and Spanish architectures. As Mediterranean theme is those architecture combination. Have a look the following Mediterranean farmhouse kitchen designs to copy:

1. White and Blue Color

Mediterranean Farmhouse Kitchen
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Artistic feature sometimes comes from beautiful color that you can improve for the wall and furniture. Blue and white combination for cabinet, countertop, and kitchen stuff. It looks simple yet elegant in your corner.

2. Pattern Ceiling

Mediterranean Farmhouse Kitchen
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Most people won’t pay much attention in choosing ceiling model. But if you want to completely invite Mediterranean theme, it is okay to use pattern ceiling in blue and white. Its abstract object looks gorgeous and unique for decoration in your kitchen.

3. Artistic Wood Element

Mediterranean Farmhouse Kitchen
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Sometimes people want to exactly limit the budget by remodeling items in their house. They also apply simplicity concept by choosing natural material as like wood. You can use it as cabinet remodel to create big drawer with wooden covering. An artistic hanging lamp is also great as complement.

4. White Brick Combination

Mediterranean Farmhouse Kitchen
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For those who want to invite bright scheme, choosing white color is a good idea. You may use it as the primary color for wall and ceiling. Combine the ceiling material with white brick for performing balance.

5. Parquet Flooring

Mediterranean Farmhouse Kitchen
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Another natural material is parquet flooring which is more expensive but you will get such a classy tone in your Mediterranean kitchen. Complete with white cabinetry and cream brick wall in front of the kitchen set.

6. Reddish Scheme

Mediterranean Farmhouse Kitchen
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For those who love red color, you may make such a warm tone with reddish scheme. Buy a red cabinet as storage place. Its natural wooden color becomes focal point to combine marble floor in similar tone.

7. Wooden Ceiling

Mediterranean Farmhouse Kitchen
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Another way to maximizing the use of wooden material, you may also improve it as ceiling combination. Keep the origin color to fit with the white wall scheme. You will get such a luxurious Mediterranean kitchen design.

8. Cabinet Lighting

Mediterranean Farmhouse Kitchen
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For those who are creative mind, using hanging lamp from the ceiling is not enough. Another way to create unique and simple lighting is by setting some tiny lamps over the cabinetry. It will limit the lighting area and get you warm and elegant accent if you complete with wooden cabinetry.

9. Cream Accent

Mediterranean Farmhouse Kitchen
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Warm kitchen will be such an inviting area for cooking. Improve it with creamy accent for wall painting, some furniture, and pattern ceiling in similar tone. You will get such an elegant Mediterranean farmhouse kitchen.

Which one is your favorite farmhouse Mediterranean kitchen?