9 Awesome Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Designs to Manage in Your House

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Coastal house design which is inspired from beach view is a kind of natural concept. You can apply it on your house for bathroom design. Coastal farmhouse bathroom design you can improve with some bold colors and specific furniture. Do you feel attract to try it?

Some Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Designs to Manage in Your House

If you get interested in Coastal farmhouse bathroom design, you can start from collecting enough references of bathroom remodel. Sometimes, you don’t need to make a new one, just remodel the old bathroom with coastal concept. Have a look the following ideas of Coastal farmhouse bathroom that probably inspire you:

1. Creamy Flooring

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom
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Coastal farmhouse design that has characteristics of naturalness can be performed in creamy flooring. Choose marble floor which gives you such an antique look. Vary the the shade by using white wall painting and some bathroom stuffs in similar tone.

2. Wooden Rack

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom
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Using wooden material is a must in connecting to nature. It feels like having outdoor situation but you can get in your bathroom. Complete with star pattern tiles to give coastal vibe impact.

3. Luxury Accent

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom
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Having natural scheme concept does not limit the taste of luxury. You may explore the flooring design with polka dots pattern for the entire flooring. Complete with such a unique starfish accessories to hang over the bath tub to invite coastal accent.

4. Some Pendant Lights

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom
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Focusing on lighting theme is important in generating such a perfect bathroom design. You may choose some pendant lights with warm color which is functional as decoration.

5. Blue Painted Wall

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom
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Blue is exactly the main theme of Coastal concept. You may improve it as wall painting. Choose young bright blue color to get such a cool scheme. Complete with blue pattern tiles for the floor. It will be such a perfect combination.

6. Wood Cabinet

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom
Source: theinspiredroom.net

Setting a big cabinetry at the bathroom corner becomes uncommon. But for those who have many items to keep, it is okay to buy big wooden cabinet. It totally defines coastal scheme to complete with white wall painting. Set a tiny houseplant on a vase as focal point.

7. Blue Pattern Rug

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom
Source: decorazo.info

Have you ever imagined of using such a thick carpet on a bathroom floor? It is of course optional for covering parquet floor. Choose blue and white stripe rug which is completely defines Coastal vibe at all. You may complete with big mirror to hang at the wall for dressing.

8. Houseplant on a Jar

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom
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Do you have used glass jar? Such a little glass jar can be used as vase. You may fulfill with a tiny houseplant to set beside the mirror. It is enough for inviting Coastal vibe in your farmhouse bathroom. Complete with a big wood cabinet for keeping the stuffs.

9. Parquet Flooring

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom
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For maximizing Coastal farmhouse look, you can also choose parquet flooring with brown color. Its natural look results such a classy tone which impacts on the natural scheme. Complete with pattern carpet for covering.

Which one is Coastal farmhouse bathroom that you love the most?