10 Gorgeous Stone Farmhouse Fireplace Ideas to Improve in Your House

Fireplace can be such an important item in any house which has function as visual interest and heat source. It is usually taken place at the living room. One of fireplace models that you can set in your living room is stone fireplace. It looks so strong and powerful due to the material itself. You can freely paint it in any colors.

10 Beautiful Stone Farmhouse Fireplace Ideas to Improve in Your House

Stone farmhouse fireplace probably belongs to popular fireplace model that you can make easily. It usually has neutral colors as like black or white. Sometimes, you may also complete with some decorations around the fireplace. Have a look the following stone farmhouse fireplace models to copy:

1. Closed Fireplace

Stone Farmhouse Fireplace

Source: simplyfutbol.com

This stone fireplace is really wonderful due to its form which is high and strong. It has a glass cover to keep the heat in it. You can play with decoration by setting a photograph over the fireplace. You will get such a perfect combination in your living room.

2. Small Hole

Stone Farmhouse Fireplace

Source: iowastonesupply.com

Some people get interested on a simple model of fireplace thus they prefer use tiny hole at the fireplace. You can choose grey stone fireplace to match with black covering. At the center, you can place flowery decorations.

3. Wooden Separation

Stone Farmhouse Fireplace

Source: ginny-oosthuizen.squarespace.com

For any reasons, setting wooden separation at the center becomes important as you can place many accessories and decorations on it. It is also useful for taking some stuffs if it is needed. You can get such an elegant fireplace model in your corner.

4. Round Stone

Stone Farmhouse Fireplace

Source: drivenbydecor.com

Instead of using small stone, you can also choose big round stone which are useful for making fireplace. Its brown and black colors combination create such a beautiful fireplace look. You can match with calm marble floor and some dark tone of furniture.

5. Wood Storage

Stone Farmhouse Fireplace

Source: suzyq-vintagous.blogspot.com

As fireplace needs some wood, you may need an effective place for putting them. You can make a simple storage below the fireplace hole. The more you make a long and wide storage place, the more you can put many woods there.

6. Traditional Accessories

Stone Farmhouse Fireplace

Source: creative-ambitions.blogspot.com

Setting some accessories becomes important as they can simply beautify your fireplace design. If you bring classy house theme, you can choose traditional accessories as like lantern, statues, etc.

7. Vessel Vase

Stone Farmhouse Fireplace

Source: minimalisti.com

Setting vase without flowers is probably uncommon for any house interior design. If you want to take it an independent decoration. Set a couple of vessel vase in each side. Choose bright color to match with the grey stone.

8. Metallic Cover

Stone Farmhouse Fireplace

Source: onekindesign.com

Another fireplace cover model that you may choose is metallic cover. It will describe much that you love artistic feature shown by the shape and model. Around the fireplace, you may add with some accessories.

9. Small and Big Combination

Stone Farmhouse Fireplace

Source: blog.crisparchitects.com

For creating such an artistic accent, you can choose fireplace model with small and big stone combination. The right size of each stone will complete each other. You can maximize it by setting a wooden rack at the center.

10. Tiny Rack

Stone Farmhouse Fireplace

Source: homedit.com

This fireplace model can be easily made of wooden rack on yourself. Just patch at the fireplace wall, then you can set some decorations and stuffs over there.

Which one is your most favorite stone fireplace design?

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