Unique and Elegant Farmhouse Sideboard Ideas to Set in any Rooms

Sideboard and buffet belong to important component in any house design. They are usually functional as storage place or entryway model. It depends on the setting and the need of each house. Thus, they need high attention in term of model, size, and shape to cover the need of storage place in your house.

10 Unique and Elegant Farmhouse Sideboard Ideas to Set in any Rooms

Once you believe that sideboard is a kind of stuff that needs high improvement, you will not buy a common sideboard. As sometimes sideboard model implies the house theme at all. Thus, you should play on the detail in buying each furniture as like sideboard. The following farmhouse sideboard ideas probably give you inspiration:

1. Drawer and Open Rack

Farmhouse Sideboard

Source: lollyjane.com

This wooden sideboard looks so classy and elegant by its natural color and the material. It represents simplicity coming from the model, they are drawer and opened rack. You can easily manage some important stuffs at the closed drawers and the big items at the opened rack.

2. Long White Sideboard

Farmhouse Sideboard

Source: lizmarieblog.com

Having a long sideboard model allows you to keep so many items. Put some kitchen stuffs at the bottom, then some vessels and glass jars upon it. Paint the sideboard in white to match with the wall color.

3. Hanging Rack

Farmhouse Sideboard

Source: town-n-country-living.com

Choosing sideboard with hanging rack? Why not? It can be such a great idea for those who want to create such an artistic look in their corner. Some glasses are perfect to hang on the hanging rack with some hooks.

4. White and Brown Tone

Farmhouse Sideboard

Source: lillyandcedar.com

Most people tend to keep the natural color of wood as a cabinet. But if you want to generate luxurious and colorful look, you can paint half of the cabinet in white. It will define luxurious and classy look in your room.

5. High Legs

Farmhouse Sideboard

Source: google.es

Most sideboard models use short legs. But if you want to function the bottom of the sideboard as storage place, you can choose higher legs model. Sideboard with high legs model usually has limited drawers but you can use the bottom to set some rattan baskets.

6. Closed Sideboard

Farmhouse Sideboard

Source: knickoftime.net

This sideboard looks so old and unique. Its closed model make it look mysterious and elegant. You can use the closed-drawers as a save storage place in your corner.

7. Carved Model

Farmhouse Sideboard

Source: southernliving.com

Buying carved wooden sideboard probably spend much more money, but you will be satisfied due to its unique, artistic, and breathtaking look. It looks so shiny the way it is without any bright color.

8. Long Horizontal

Farmhouse Sideboard

Source: thehappyhousie.porch.com

You may find most sideboard has vertical drawers. This sideboard looks different since it has long shape and the drawer is landscape. Thus, it only takes two side drawers but you can keep so many items there.

9. Drawers with Sign

Farmhouse Sideboard

Source: worthingcourtblog.com

Do you have many family member at the same house? It becomes problematic in term of placing stuffs. Thus, you can make such a sign in each drawer of the sideboard.

10. Tiny Sideboard

Farmhouse Sideboard

Source: cozylittlehouse.com

This sideboard is small yet artistic. It is painted in white and completed with carved legs which give such abeautiful view at the corner.

Which one is your favorite farmhouse sideboard?

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