Elegant Vintage Farmhouse Plans to Modify your Ordinary House Design

Do you belong to vintage style lover? It actually can be managed as house interior concept. Vintage style is about focusing on the old-fashioned stuffs to match with the house elements completely. Some people who get interested in vintage style usually hunt some unique accessories, while other people focus to buy classy house material.

10 Easy Ways of Making Perfect such a Vintage Farmhouse Plans in Your House

Those two ideas can be chosen depend on your art taste and budget that you prepare. If you want to focus on the detail, it is better to collect unique and antique decorations. But if you want to totally invite vintage look, you should also define the house materials which support it. Have a look the following ideas of vintage farmhouse plans to copy:

1. Pattern Rug

Vintage Farmhouse Plans

Source: theglitterguide.com

Vintage style is usually characterized by pattern stuff, included rug. Setting a small pattern rug over the floor is a good idea to invite uniqueness. Complete with some classy stuffs as like wooden mirror frame and vase of houseplants.

2. Parquet Floor

Vintage Farmhouse Plans

Source: instagram.com

Choosing white wall painting is not a matter to invite vintage look in your room as long as you play on the detail. Improve the furniture which are represented vintage style, as like parquet floor and rattan chairs.

3. Wooden Staircase

Vintage Farmhouse Plans

Source: mydomaine.com

Some people want to to totally work with natural resources as like barn wood to make a staircase. If you also want to make it in your house, make sure you choose durable wooden material. It can be applicable as wooden table and ceiling combination.

4. Wooden Cabinet

Vintage Farmhouse Plans

Source: bloglovin.com

As we discussed previously, if you want to focus on the detail, you can style out the entire room with classy furniture as like this gorgeous wooden cabinetry which is perfectly set behind the sofa. Its brown fit completely to the sofa color which result such a nice vintage house.

5. Old Cabinet Model

Vintage Farmhouse Plans

Source: bloglovin.com

Although wood usually define classy style, you are not limited to use another material as like metal. Metallic cabinet is good to buy as long as it has old-fashioned model. You can set it at the corner as a perfect storage place.

6. Wooden Cupboard

Vintage Farmhouse Plans

Source: google.com

Do you have many furniture to save? If you want to function them as decorations, you can buy a wooden cupboard model with glass covering. All of the stuff will be reachable yet edgy as the room decoration.

7. Classic Sofa

Vintage Farmhouse Plans

Source: fancy-lifestyle.tumblr.com

Sometimes old stuffs are more expensive than new stuffs due to their uniqueness and scarcity. If you have more budget, you can use it to buy old sofa model to set in your living room. It usually performs with carved wooden legs which looks so classy.

8. Lantern Light

Vintage Farmhouse Plans

Source: laurelberninteriors.com

Everybody agrees that using lantern light will result less lighting to cover a big area. But if you want to create such a romantic nuance, you can use lantern light to hang from the ceiling.

9. Classy Jars

Vintage Farmhouse Plans

Source: homedit.com

Dining room table is usually look so empty without accessories. If you have some used material as like glass jars, you can set them on the wooden table. They function as decorations or food storage.

10. Artistic Table

Vintage Farmhouse Plans

Source: homedecordecoratingideeas.club

Another detail that you should pay more attention is table design in dining room. An artistic table with carved wooden legs is a perfect furniture to define vintage style.

All of these vintage farmhouse design is preferable to combine to each other. Try on yourself.

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