Inspiring Farmhouse End Table Designs that Perfectly Match in Your Room

End table design for some people is a good item that should be placed in any rooms. If you agree with this concept, you may apply in your farmhouse home. Before selecting the exact end table model, you should firstly know the theme of your room. As it will influence the whole nuance of your house.

10 Great Ideas of Farmhouse End Table to Style Up Your Room

End table has small and simple design that allows you to place in any space. It will not spend much space due to its minimalist shape. If you have a lot money, you can buy any models of farmhouse end table at the home shop. If you want to get the best one without losing much budget, you may also make on yourself.

1. Brown Layer

Farmhouse End Table


As we know that common end table is made of wooden that has natural color. Brown becomes one of colors that usually comes from wooden material. It will perfectly match with white as the legs of the table.

2. Brown Overall


If you don’t want to spend much more money to paint the table, it is okay to let the whole brown color naturally. You will not lose the unique and antique accent of this end table. It is also recognizable as a classy and traditional furniture in your house.

3. Double Layer


The first layer is useful for put some important stuffs. Then at the second layer, you can function as a storage place. You can keep some items as like shoes, basket, etc.

4. Brown and White


Brown and white combination for the layer and the leg is probably common. But what if you apply this color on the layer. The first layer uses black painting, while the second layer uses white color. You will get an elegant end table in your living room.

5. Tiny End Table


Although end table has small character, people still can modify it according to their taste. For instance, this wooden end table is smaller than common end table. But it generates simplicity as well to set a table lamp on it.

6. Line of Barn Wood


Sometimes, people make end table with a single barn wood in big size. But if you want to get different look, you can make a line of some small barn wood to create a complete end table.

7. Big End Table


For those who want to use end table as the main table in living room, you can buy the bigger one. It is functional for placing some dishes on it. You can also combine with some wooden chairs to pursue an elegant scheme.

8. Round End Table


Most end table designed in square shape. If you are bored of seeing the same way, you may choose round end table to place in your living room. Its white and black tone give a perfect monochrome accent in your room.

9. High End Table


As it has tiny shape, end table usually applies short model. But if you want to get a luxurious look, it is okay to make it higher than common end table. You can complete with some chairs in the right size.

10. Big and Short Table


Do you need end table for placing decoration? If yes, you can make on yourself a smaller and shorter end table. It will look great and powerful due to the function for setting some decorations.

Now, you believe that there are many kinds of end table designs. You can freely choose one of them to improve.

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