20 Best DIY Hanging Shelves Design Ideas

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Don’t you feel bored and empty to see the blank wall that always stares you down as if they’re begging you to put something on it? DIY hanging shelves design ideas are something that we really need today.

I’m sure many of you have a lot of things to hang up, it can be your family pictures, favorite books, art creations, or anything else. These DIY hanging shelves design can help you to display those valuable and memorable things differently.

It’s okay to hang up shelves on the wall, but sometimes they just look bulky and already outdated in design. Considering to make your own DIY hanging shelves design is necessary in today’s era, especially when you have plenty things to put on, but still make it look artistic inside your house.

The reason is simple though, these DIY hanging shelves design ideas can help your job to be done, moreover, it will make your blank and empty wall look modern, and also take up minimal space.

You don’t have to prepare any sophisticated materials, just a free wall and you’re set up ! In addition, to make this hanging shelves you only need minimal tools. This type of home decoration can be truly amazing in a simple and fun way.

20 Best DIY Hanging Shelves Design Ideas

So, here are some inspirations of DIY hanging shelves design ideas that you may try to decorate your house.

1. Simple and Elegant Long Floating Shelves

Source: bowerpowerblog.com

2. Simplistic Clean and White Art Gallery Style

Source: tysonandjanessaparker.blogspot.com

3. Cozy Country Crates

Source: mrsamberapple.com

4. Elegant Farm Style Kitchen Heavy Duty Floating Shelves

Source: hometalk.com

5. Pretty Wood Panel with Cantilevered Shelves

Source: buildsomething.com

6. Creative Clouds for the Kids Room

Source: howtonestforless.com

7. Country Studded and Beautifully Stained

Source: brightgreendoor.com

8. Floating Planters on a Birch Base

Source: bloglovin.com

9. Heavy Duty Culinary Storage for the Kitchen

Source: houseupdated.com

10. Corner Nook L-Shaped Art Display Space

Source: abeautifulmess.com

11. Cheat a Little DIY Shelves with Ikea Brackets

Source: bloglovin.com

12. Big and Bold Shelf Idea

Source: simplyorganized.me

13. Cute and Creative Entryway Display and Storage Solution

Source: buildsomething.com

14. Crystal Clear Sunny Place for your Plants

Source: designsponge.com

15. Two-Toned and Clean Cut

Source: heytherehome.com

16. Light Wight White Floating Shelves

Source: houseupdated.com

17. Straight From the Woods

Source: diyinpdx.com

18. Kiddies Korner Library Storage

Source: backlessshirt.blogspot.com

19. Bright and White Wall Storage

Source: deucecitieshenhouse.com

20. Three Stages Hanging Shelves

Source: ducklingsinarow.com