Elegant and Beautiful Bedroom Mirror Ideas you Can Improve in your Bedroom

Mirror becomes one of important item in any houses. It belongs to a must have stuff that you need to set in at least in bedroom. Before buying mirror, first you have to decide your entire house theme, thus you can mix and match certain mirror to buy. Collect some references to know the kind of mirror that you need to set.

10 Elegant and Beautiful Bedroom Mirror Ideas to Improve

Once you decide the kind of house theme, you will definitely think more about the furniture to buy. The right furniture will give a character to your entire room. Behold some elegant and beautiful bedroom mirror ideas to improve in your private room. Check these out!

1. Silver Frame

Bedroom Mirrors

Source: designed-forlife.com

A pretty silver frame is a nice mirror to set in your bedroom. You can freely mix and match with brown and white painting. Combine it with a grey carpet and white bedding. They will spout a bright and bold character in your entire room.

2. Plain Mirror

Bedroom Mirrors

Source: hunker.com

No matter how much the size of the mirror is, you can directly set in any rooms. Choose the big one to set at the wall, combine it with pattern carpet. A tiny cactus on a vase is a perfect decoration to fit in.

3. Thick Layer

Bedroom Mirrors

Source: apairandasparediy.com

Common mirror design has tiny layer. If you have more money, you can buy the thick one to set in your bedroom. You may buy the thick and small mirror to set between rattan chair and a clay vase of cactus. A marble floor is also good enough to bring perfection.

4. Circle Mirror

Bedroom Mirrors

Source: weekend.knack.be

Previous mirrors are square shape. If you feel bored of the same pattern, you can try to buy circle mirror to set over the bench. Circle mirror looks sexy with black frame to patch at the white painting wall.

5. Gold Frame Mirror

Bedroom Mirrors

Source: amberinteriordesign.com

Beside black color as a frame, you can also choose gold color as the mirror frame. It also belongs to neutral yet luxurious color which can be fit in any wall painting. Complete it with pattern carpet to cover the floor. A creamy floor is also preferable in bringing perfection.

6. Vintage Style

Bedroom Mirrors

Source: mode-and-deco.com

If you plan of making a vintage style home, you can buy a vintage style mirror. Look that carved object in gold color as frame, you can definitely feel the culture. You will feel rustic nuance in your bedroom.

7. No Frame Mirror

Bedroom Mirrors

Source: comoorganizarlacasa.com

Another model of mirror that you can buy is mirror with no frame. Though it looks unusual, you can still get the perfect performance if you can combine it with black painting wall and marble floor.

8. Square Mirror

Bedroom Mirrors

Source: sheknnows.blogspot.co.id

A square mirror is also preferable for those who love unique furniture. You can set it over the wall and combine it with wooden table to set at the wall. A brown carpet is also preferable in maximizing a calm nuance.

9. Tiny Circle Mirror

Bedroom Mirrors

Source: homify.com.mx

If you feel enough of using minimum size, you can buy a little one to set at the wall. You can choose the frame freely as long as it is suitable with the wall painting design.

10. Frame Decoration

Bedroom Mirrors

Source: tipdecor.blogspot.co.id

It is no matter of using wooden frame of the mirror. But if you want something different, you can choose a mirror with decoration at the top of the mirror. It will give aesthetic look in your bedroom design.

Which one of your favorite? you can freely choose one of them to set in your bedroom.

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