Home Office Small Space Design That Scale Up Your Productivity and Creativity

Apart from being ignored thing in a house, home office small space design can be something really useful. It’s a place where we can do few admin tasks or do our school homework, .etc. The thing is that most of us are looking to incorporate a study area in our home.

However, it’s so rare that homeowners dedicated a room that they actually can simply turn into a studying or working space. In fact, if we have thoughtful planning and creativity, surely we could find any place in the home that can be turned into a useful home office.

Home Office Small Space Design That Scale Up Your Productivity and Creativity

So, here are some inspirations of home office small space design that you may create to increase the productivity and creativity in your living.

1. Traditional Modern Small Home Office

Source: marionalberge.com

Well, this design can provide your need for an extra space for a home office. You only need a little touch of creativity to carve out more room to look more neat and cozy to spend the day. No matter you try to squeeze in a small home desk or maybe a fully loaded workspace, this home office small space design might help you to whip up a surprisingly stylish home office design.

2. Open and Airy Home Office

Source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Sometimes we need to switch the furniture arrangement in our small living room which created the space needed for a home office. To get this, I suggest to simply place the sofa against the longest wall, then we can put the desk directly in front of the window to get the light.

By doing so, it may open up square footage in the center of the space, so that you can make the room feel airy and open instead of cramped and crowded with a lot of things.

3. Sit or Stand Workstation

Source: abeautifulmess.com

It’s not always a good idea when you’re just sitting on your bum all day, I mean, I’m concerned about health problem if doing so. That’s why I applaud this DIY corner workstation. This home office small space design basically uses inexpensive wood that you may easily get and bargain basement shelf brackets, so that it can transform an untapped wall into a wrap round as well as bar height that you may use standing.

4. Low Profile Desk

Source: plarch.com

There are plenty ideas of home office small space design, for example, this spare closet can be a home office on its own way. We can make the shelving above it as a base for books and printer, if you have one. In addition, the orange paint can brighten up the nook with invigorating color. But the most out of it, when it’s the time quit working shutting the door keeps our small office out of sight.

5. Room Divider Curtain

Source: thespruce.com

You can use the curtain to carve out a nook for your home office small space as shown in this design. Basically, the fabric wall spans the width of the space, so when closed, it separates the living room from the work area.

6. Desk with Drawer Storage

Source: homepolish.com

This is the example of small home office design that float the wall unit which can span the left side of this studio apartment doubles as a desk with drawer storage.

To make it blend, we can put painted wall with the same shade of white. Moreover, a collection of framed prints also can keep the small home office from feeling too obtrusive by drawing the eyes upward.

7. Storage Lessons From a Tiny House

Source: solhausdesign.com

Tiny houses always have something unique, they give chock-full of space-saving solutions like this home office small space design. This workspace makes the most of every single precious inch with built-in storage, something that you can do easily and of course, it has more functionality. We can dig the slide-out floor unit on the right to conceal the printer.

8. Small Space Furniture

Source: ajennison.com

Sometimes we don’t need too much furniture to make our room look comfortable, instead, a lot furniture can make it feel cluttered and cramped. This design simply avoid claustrophobic feeling by using ‘leggy’ furniture without visual heft.

9. Stylish Wallpaper Home Desk

Source: allisonlind.com

You can create a workspace that you love by incorporating elements that show off your unique and artistic style. You can use art wallpaper to personalize your lovely office nook.

10. Clever Bookcase Desk

Source: christophevendel.com

Oh, I adore stylish storage ideas so much, they’re just something mesmerizing! Like this chic desk frames bookshelves in Paris living room. One spot that I’d like to point out is the gallery wall, it pulls focus away from the workspace. I also applaud the mismatched chairs which actually just contributed a sense of playfulness.

Alena Lum