Computer Workstation Ideas, Get The Productivity and Creativity in A Fun Way

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Computer workstation ideas nowadays become something essential and take an important part in our house, and we need to take into account for home decor ideas. Whether you run a real business or just use your desk to check the upcoming email, this computer workstation ideas can be a home office which has the distint advantage of being at home.

Moreover, you can increase your productivity by creating a special place where you can get only the comfy, but also the real work atmosphere in a fun and cozy way.

Computer Workstation Ideas That Bring You Productivity and Creativity

So, here are some inspiration of computer workstation ideas that you may apply to your room to increase your productivity in a fancy way.

1. Double-dip desk


This computer workstation is designed for you who like simplicity but also fancy. This desk is well-designed in double-length work areas which are divided by an angular dip, it’s a perfect choice for holding a stack of your important papers or your favorite books.

This workstation design has been added with a cheeky touch by its book-print wallpaper to the wall just below the level of the desk.

2. Live-edge wood desk


You can even make a beautiful simple organic computer workstation with this thick slab edge wood. Here you can see a long piece of live-edge wood can provide an ample computer workstation for two or maybe one who likes to spread out.

3. Card Catalog Desk


If you wanna make a library style, this computer workstation ideas can be suitable for you. This style card holder can pull adorn the drawers of this wood desk, which is a handmade by crafty homeowners.

You also can make like this, basically to get a similar look, just can just paint the drawer fronts of a vintage or wooden desk with different hues and saturation, and swap out the handles for card holder drawer pulls (this stuff you may get online or at some well-stocked hardware stores).

4. Storage bin desk


We can use this sturdy metal storage bins as a leg beneath the wood desk, it’s just something perfect size for a child’s room. You just simply open the bins beneath the desk, so that it will be easy for you to access than closed drawers. In the end, it’s just right for keeping arts and crafts supplies close at hand.

5. Reclaimed-wood desk


You also can make all-in-one double desk with the pipes, reclaimed wood and vintage crates which are combined altogether. This is the interesting part, you can find a new life as functioning desk drawers by attching to drawer fittings, old bins, and wooden crates.

6. Floating corner desk


Did you realize that you have an awkward corner to fill? Maybe you should consider in having a desktop custom cut to fit the space in your room. Actually, you can make a cozy spot for a desk at the corner, especially with a window, you can feel good knowing that you’ve put every inch of space to work.

7. Bookshelf desk


If you’re a kind of person who love to read or maybe just need to keep some materials close by as you work on your project, this built-in shelf desk would be suitable for you. This V-shaped shelf can run along one side of this sleek modern desk, it can provide you an ample room to keep your favorite books within arm’s reach.

8. Minimalist standing desk


Or maybe you wanna look for an ultrasimple, space-saving option of computer workstation ideas? You should try this one, a wall shelf as a minimalist standing desk will fit on your need. You can pair the desk with a stool that you can perch on when you need a break from standing, and also you can add a few other shelves if you need more space for storage.

9. Painted wood desk


10. Chalk-painted desk nook


You know that you always can customize your computer workstation, well, in this case, you can make the most of a compact nook with this custom-fit floating desk and a coat of chalkboard paint on the walls.

You can even yse magnetic chalk to get more function out of the space, so you can write notes and easily post your photos or any important papers.