Going with Elegance and Simplicity in Creating Home Wall Decoration Idea

Making a good home wall decoration is simply can be done by most people. As long as you have enough budget and model, you can directly execute it by yourself. First of all, you have to at least finding the right theme you want to improve then you can collect some related references.

10 Great Ideas of Making Elegant and Simple Wall Decoration

Have you found the right theme for your house? The right theme determines what kind of wall decoration you can manage. In bringing elegant look, you have to choose simple wall decoration. Thus, it will definitely press the budget you have if you cleverly create from recycling. Behold some beneficial ideas to make elegant wall decoration. Check these out:

1. Wooden Stick

Home Wall Decoration Ideas

Source: society19.com

If you feel that capturing moment can be such a mesmerizing time, you can keep the photos as decorative pictures in your home. Hang them over the wooden stick then to make it balance, you may give a same effect.

2. Decoration Place

Home Wall Decoration Ideas

Source: nyde.co.uk

If you usually use wooden material in making decoration placement, now you can improve with wire material. You can simply make on yourself this placement to hang at the corner of your room. Set a vase of decorative plants in it.

3. Wooden Hanger

Home Wall Decoration Ideas

Source: 101recycledcrafts.com

If you want something simple, you can make on yourself a cutting barn wood to patch at the wall. Complete it with a string to pin the photos. You can easily replace them whenever you feel bored seeing the same things.

4. Greenery Corner

Home Wall Decoration Ideas

Source: diynhome.com

How can you feel the nature in your home without placing some decorative plantations? This will be a wise idea to make a greenery corner from wooden. You can easily pin some tiny vase of plants then add with some candles.

5. Hanging Vase

Home Wall Decoration Ideas

Source: roomadness.com

Another way of bringing greenery nuance in your home is by hanging the vases. Use long rope to hang some vases of plants then set them beside the staircase.

6. Wooden Box

Home Wall Decoration Ideas

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Patching a wooden box at the corner of your room may be such a crazy idea, but it will result a nice look in your room. This can be a nice placement for setting tiny vase of plants and some decorative items.

7. Wooden Picture Frame

Home Wall Decoration Ideas

Source: declutteringyourlife.com

If like artistic items to decorate your home, this can be a good idea to try. Set some wooden picture frames to fill with pictures of you and your family. Hang them over the seat at the corner of your room.

8. Picture Combination

Home Wall Decoration Ideas

Source: brit.co

Instead of placing same size pictures, you can compose it with different size of pictures. Arrange them well to bring perfection in your wall of your entire room.

9. Unity Wooden Picture Frame

Home Wall Decoration Ideas

Source: homebnc.com

If you feel that setting randomly picture frames at the wall is disrupting, now you can improve it by setting the big one to connect the small picture frames.

10. Puzzle Concept

Home Wall Decoration Ideas

Source: craftszen.com

Wedding photo for almost people is an important thing to set in any rooms. But, to conduct different view, you can make it as like puzzle. It can be made of wooden with small pieces at the center and a big piece for the main frame.

Are you getting inspired after seeing this? now practice it!

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