Small Backyard Designs with Pool You Should Consider To Give The Real Character in Your House

Although summer is still some months to go, but considering small backyard designs with pool always a good idea to prepare the vibe from now on. It’s pretty obvious that lounging by the pool can really make summer the best part of the year.

Well, maybe it’s too common that you find a pool which look plain with rectangular shape in the backyard. But, everthing has been changed nowadays, people are getting more interested in making such an unusual way for their pool backyard. Most backyards have been designed around more interesting ideas.

Do you want to make your own? Don’t worry, if you’re looking to dress up and to make your backyard look more fancy, try to consider these small backyard designs with pool that will add the real character in intrigue to your pool, as well as your entire landscape.

Small Backyard Designs with Pool You Should Consider To Give The Real Character in Your House

So, here are some inspiration of small backyard designs with pool that you may apply to make your backyard look more enjoyable. Check this out!

1. Gallery – Small Vinyl Pools


This first small backyard designs with pool has its own objective, which is extending the architectural elegance of the house. It needs extensive care that has been taken to retain the existing mature trees and also a small retaining wall that was built to help level the sloping yard.

The pool itself uses the formal lines which are established with the 11′ radius Roman steps centred across for the stone feature wall. In addition, it’s completed with a dark vinyl liner that surrounded by natural flagstone.

2. Frameless Pool Fence and Glass Doors


This is the example of minimalist small backyard designs with pool, it has rectangular lap pool design with decking. Don’t worry about the safety, a frameless fence can keep your children and pets safe without affecting the aesthetic of modern lap pool and deck.

3. North Vancouver Fibreglass Plunge Pool & Swim Spa


You can make a beautiful contemporary pool and deck which integrated spill over spa with spa controls, and you know what’s interesting? You can even control it via smartphone, computer, tablet, or at equipment room. This is a model of small backyard designs with pool that combine the modern style and contemporary aesthetic, makes it look more fancy.

4. Landscape Fusion


No matter how your backyard looks like, I think this one is a good idea, because you can make the pool feel like a spa by adding some jets and heater. The real clay brick deck and all natural blue stone can be considered as the pool coping.

Moreover, those three lion heads can give a fresh sound of falling water by spilling out the water into the pool from the raised wall. All this surrounded by a traditional lush landscape and also a natural-looked pergola-trellis for the orchid garden.

5. Natural Waterfall & Swimming Pool


Do you like to live and spend the day with the nature? I think this small backyard designs with pool can be perfect to fulfill your needs. You can create something unique that would preserve as much of the natural features of the landscape. The swimming pool can be made as the hub of your backyard which is consisting of a new stone patio, comfortable outdoor seating, and a fire pit.

6. Small Natural Frisco Pool and Spa


This small backyard designs with pool look so nice with its natural environment and spa combo. It has a raised spa with Oklahoma flagstore stair stepped spillway. The boulder coping was built with the moss rock which includes two water lines, so it can give a nice organic feel.

7. Adult Lifestyle Backyard


As we grow up, things might be changed, this adult lifestyle backyard has proved beyond people’s doubt that small backyard designs with pool can be beautiful. The reason of this design is to give the room to entertain small groups yet maintain enough space for lush plantings with an elegant feel.

8. Northbrook, IL Freeform Pool with Round Elevated Hot Tub


This freeform pool actually contains 34.000 gallons of water. It surrounds the pool, caps the spa, and also the spilliver water feature can give such a perfect ambiance voice.

It has also concrete pavers that provide the seating area on the deck, oakfield fascia stone in the spa, and retaining wall which may give you the rustic finished look.

9. Highland Park, IL Inground Swimming Pool with Deck Sprays


This backyard pool has something that suits your needs, it measures 18’0″ x 36’0″ with an automatic safety cover with custom walk-on stone lid system makes it look more enjoyable and fancy to spend your time. It has deck spray water at each corner which provide a unique vertical element to the landscape.

10. East Dallas Minimalism


This minimalistic small backyard designs with pool compliment the basic shape of the house. It takes a close attention to the details of the pool and also surrounding deck.

Alena Lum