Bold and Creative Black and White Tile Bathroom Decor That You Should Try

If you live compact, classic, but elegant styles, you will live this list of black and white tile bathroom decor ideas. Each designs can transform your bathroom from plain to something unique and majestic. However, black and white is a quite popular color scheme. You may deny the power of this contrasting combination, and you know what, bathroom is the perfect place to experimenting this scheme.

When remodeling your bathroom, I remind you not to forget the color! This list has inspiration of how black and white color can be something epic if you can manage it well. The entire room is tiled from the floor to ceiling with compact gradient that directs water to the drain.

Bold and Creative Black and White Tile Bathroom Decor That You Should Try

So, here are some inspiration of black and white tile bathroom decor that you may apply to your bathroom. Check this out!

1. Nashville Residence


It’s pretty common to have white scheme bathroom, it’s just like something usual. Well, you don’t have to be worried, if there’s already too much going on white scheme in your bathroom, white towels are best thing that you may add. But if your bathroom is mostly white, I suggest you to go for something more eye-catching, like this Turkish towel, which can add lively colour and pattern.

This black and white tile bathroom decor can be inspiration for a mid-sized eclectic 3/4 black and white tile. It also equipped with furniture-like cabinets, white cabinets, white walls, an undermount sink and solid surface countertops.

2. 375 Kensington High Street Bathroom


This one is the example of a fancy white tile alcove bathtub design that we may find in London with an undermount sink, as well as flat-panel cabinets, black cabinets, and also wall-mount toilet.

3. Lincoln Bathroom Design


Let me tell you something, eclectic bathroom can enhance with funky elements, just be it the double vanity which is finished in matt black, with fancy, curvy legs, or the mirror that framed with a lot of bulbs set in a black backdrop. Another thing, you can inject life and bring the playfulness to the room with white wallpaper speckled with graphics like this.

4. Williams Town Bathroom Design


Nowadays, the black and white has been gaining steam in the bathroom for many people. Well, maybe tile bathroom decor such as white subway tiles and charcoal grey paint on the walls has become chic on its own, but this patterned black and white tiles on the floor takes it to the next level

5. Luxe West Hollywood Residence


Just because the walls are black – let me ask you something, if you’re going to take the plunge and paint your walls with black color, do you reall wanna wimp out on the ceiling? Well, maybe for the bedroom looks fit on it, it can give a dramatic and supremely sexy, but it wouldn’t have worked half as well without the black ceiling.

So, the same holds true for this bathroom. Why? it’s because bathrooms are self-contained spaces and usually people just don’t spend a great deal of time in them, you may try this one, it’s an excellent place to try something a little bit daring.


6. Modern Home In The Middle Of St. John’s


What a nice bathroom, right? It’s a proof that black and white palette can be fun and need not to be boring! We can add such a strong visual element in the room by implementing wall cover which is necessary. This is another inspiration of black and white tile bathroom decor with an integrated sink, a one-piece toilet and multicolored walls.

7. Fitzroy Street Bathroom Design


This black and white tile bathroom decor basically an anchor to a white room. By using black-framed shower doors like this can be a good way to anchor white plumbing fixtures and also it can bring a little industrial character to the bathrooms.

In this space, it’s necessary for the enclosure of the black floor and the black-framed shower, as well as mirror and artwork together can add a more designed feel and help ground the white walls, sink, and shower.

8. Traditional Black and White Bathroom Design


Who needs wallpaper when your space actually can be the graphic element that will give you a fancy look? In fact, black tirm can really make a plain space make a statement, and also a hard black outline always can define the shapes and makes them bolder. This is just another example of elegant bathroom with an undermount sink, recessed-panel cabinets, and also white cabinets.

9. Rutland Road Bathroom Design


You can get an affordable bathroom design with tiles in white or shades of white, but you might be surprised that the extra charge for other colors is not that high though!

As we’ve seen that the orange subway tiles in the kitchen can offer a fun and fancy burst color, while the mix of black and white subways in the traditional bathroom is a solid, what a classic choice!

This is the example of black and white tile bathroom decor for a timeless black tile and subway black floor with a pedestal sink, furniture-like cabinets, and also dark wood cabinets.

10. Aurora, IL Master Bath with French flair


If you wanna fulfill your desire for a classic Parisian retreat, this black and white tile bathroom decor can be the best answer. A classic black and white checkboard floor can give a compliment to the pearl white inset cabinets, Carrara marble counter-tops, and also black painted walls. There are also antique mirrors that provide a unique focal point upon entering the room.

Alena Lum