Zebra Theme Bathroom Ideas you Can Manage in Your Own Home

Zebra design has been known over 20 years and it has been used by modern home designs. Why do some people love this unique design? It because of its aesthetic model which is uncommon used by people. Beside, this interior design can be adapted in any rooms in your house, included bathroom.

10 Great Zebra Theme Ideas to Modify your Ordinary Bathroom

Zebra theme types can be divided into two, they are zebra theme in zebra bodies form and zebra theme adopted from its motives. It simply depends on your taste and the budget you have. As it is a matter of artistic aspect, thus it is a free decision. Before you modify your own bathroom, it is recommended for you to have a look these ideas:

1. Blue Background

Zebra Theme Bathroom Ideas

Source: decoratorsbest.com

In managing zebra theme in your bathroom, you should consider the background behind it. For instances, you can generate blue painted color to give bold accent of each zebra shape in your bathroom wall.

2. Brown Background

Zebra Theme Bathroom Ideas

Source: traditionalhome.com

Another background that can thicken zebra motives at the wall is brown color. Black and white strip came from the zebra motives looks so elegant and sophisticated held by the brown painted wall.

3. Warm Nuance

Zebra Theme Bathroom Ideas

Source: theglampad.blogspot.com

zebra theme can be also modified in warm nuance. In creating this nuance, you can apply decorative lamp in creamy color. The zebra design lighten up by this lamp results such a romantic and warm bathroom.

4. Bigger Motives

Zebra Theme Bathroom Ideas

Source: lovelylife.se

Instead of using zebra’s body shape, you can also adapt its motives only performed in bigger size. You may buy big shape zebra sticker to patch at the wall. It will cozy up the whole bathroom design.

5. Bright Yellow

Zebra Theme Bathroom Ideas

Source: theglampad.com

Though zebra theme usually defines in black and white color, there are also brown and white colors. This type of zebra theme perfectly matches the bright yellow background.

6. Zebra Theme Curtain

Zebra Theme Bathroom Ideas

Source: amazon.com

Almost zebra themes at bathroom are managed at the wall. Whereas, it can be modified as curtain, doormat, even carpet. This idea gives you wider landscape in creating zebra them at the form of curtain and doormat. It will perfectly decorate your entire bathroom.

7. Pinkish Combination

Zebra Theme Bathroom Ideas

Source: edgevaleinteriors.com

If you feel bored of seeing monotone colors of zebra theme, you can combine it with another color, as like pink. Pink determines feminine personality, but it will neutralize the monotone effect of zebra theme.

8. Zebra Motive Towel

Zebra Theme Bathroom Ideas

Source: uniquebathroomthemes.com

Another kind of stuffs in bathroom performed in zebra theme is towel. Having this cute stuff in your bathroom gives detail touch in the bathroom. You may combine it with zebra motive curtain and doormat to bring perfection.

9. Reddish Tone

Zebra Theme Bathroom Ideas

Source: decorpad.com

To show your bold personality, you may choose red painted wall as the background of the zebra theme. This will brighten your bathroom look and make you feel comfy.

After seeing these zebra theme models, you may get inspired and make you want to execute it soon.

Otavia Bracket