Elegant Bathroom Countertop Ideas on a Budget to Manage Easily

Each single bathroom property needs detail touch, includes countertop design. Why do we consider appropriate counter to set at bathroom? It because you of different style bathroom need different touch. Choosing right counter may function for completing the overall bathroom look.

10 Elegant Countertop Designs to Match Any Bathroom Models

One way of managing eye catching bathroom design is by deciding the exact counter. Bathroom counter design should be proper to the entire bathroom theme. Before buying countertop, make sure you have managed the bathroom theme properly, thus you are not confused in choosing the right one. Check these great elegant countertop designs for your references:

1. Full Drawers Countertop

Cheap bathroom countertop ideas

Source: bhg.com

Common countertop is designed mainly for placing wastafel. However, if you have much space, why don’t you buy the big one? This wide countertop allows you to keep many stuffs in it. By placing this countertop, your bathroom space will be no longer empty.

2. Cement Countertop

Cheap bathroom countertop ideas

Source: clevelandcourage.org

If you want cheaper countertop for your bathroom, you can just replace it with cement material. This has more benefit as cement material is stronger than wooden material. Beside, you can easily paint with appropriate color to match the entire bathroom scheme.

3. Wooden Countertop

Cheap bathroom countertop ideas

Source: ablissfulnest.com

Absolutely right that wooden material becomes one of rustic characters. It allows you waste minimum budget but it gives you perfect vintage style in your bathroom design.

4. Hanging Countertop

Cheap bathroom countertop ideas

Source: jbarroninteriors.com

For those who have limited space of bathroom, this idea may be a nice try. Patching each side of the countertop at the wall, give a gap at the bottom. This gap can be a secret place for saving certain stuffs, as like sandal, pail, and basket.

5. Color Balance

Cheap bathroom countertop ideas

Source: hgtv.com

Perfection design also comes from color combination. Thus, if you want to reach balance nuance, you can apply same colors of countertop to match the wall painting.

6. Right-size Countertop

Cheap bathroom countertop ideas

Source: ideas-para.com

Some wastafel designs are managed on a wide countertop due to the need of storage places. But, if the bathroom has only limited space, you can decorate a right-size countertop which is proper with the wastafel set. Place it at the corner of the room.

7. Wide Space

Cheap bathroom countertop ideas

Source: decorpad.com

Below the drawers in your countertop, you can make a wide space without cover. This wide space can be beneficial to place big materials as like pail, towel, and basket.

8. Floral Concept

Cheap bathroom countertop ideas

Source: luxurylifeideas.info

Creating floral theme in bathroom does not mean replacing all items in your bathroom. Sometimes, it is just enough of presenting one item maximally. For instance, buying a countertop which has floral pattern. A set of stones at the upper side of the countertop is cute to maximize rustic accent in your small bathroom.

9. Big Wooden Countertop

Cheap bathroom countertop ideas

Source: loombrand.com

One way of creating vintage style bathroom is by using wooden countertop. If you have medium bathroom space, you can make a longer countertop design. It will be perfect to combine to old brown brick and wooden board.

10. Corner Countertop

Cheap bathroom countertop ideas

Source: homedecor17.com

Another solution to manage small bathroom space is not only about minimizing the size, but also the way you place the material. For instance, making a tiny countertop to place at the corner of your bathroom is a nice try to bring elegance.

These renovation ideas deserve to you who have minimum space of bathroom. Which one is your favorite?

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