Popular and Creative Lamp Design by Designers All Around the World

As long as the human being still exists, trend tends to change every second, as well as the creative lamp design. The lamp has dual benefits, which are decorative and functional. Creative lamp spreads significant statement to the building for giving lights and beautifying. There are various colors, shapes, dimensions, designs, and abilities.

10 Popular and Creative Lamp Design by Designers All Around the World

These days, we can look for the ideas of creative lamp design everywhere, whether you are looking for expensive lamps by the designer or affordable DIY lamp. Here are some of the most popular lamp designs towards modern buildings that you can choose as reference:

1. The Coin Lamp

Source: i.ytimg.com

When you need to turn this lamp on, you have to insert a coin into it. It is designed to pre-determined time and it is supported by an internal mechanism. So, this lamp will light up only if you insert a coin. At first, it is designed as the matter of values and reward. It is designed by Jethro Macey and will be sold in public.

2. The Mushroom Lamp

Source: i.ytimg.com

This lamp requires 4AA battery and is supported by efficient LEDs. We can say that this lamp is kind of creativity rather than innovation. The colorful shades will be simply loved by teens.

3. Torn Lighting

Source: http://thegrife.com

It is designed by Billy May. This lamp creates beautiful scenery in your home since the physical lamp is disguised on your wall. There are various shapes and designs that can be applied to the flat surfaces or wall corners. This is the best choice for playing with the light creatively.

4. Alien Abduction Lamp

Source: cdn.instructables.com

This is something unique in lamp industry that can replace the old lamps in your home. It is designed by Lasse Klein and getting popular amidst millennial generation. Inside the metal UFO on top, there is a light bulb inside. This combination gives unique illumination to a tiny alien inside.

5. Colgao Lamp

Source: wowaneh.com

It is a Spain-based lamp that is designed by studio Enpienza. It has a simple design yet completed by something that is hung from the top horizontal rod of it.

6. Hurdle Lighting

Source: i.pinimg.com

It is a Korea-based lamp that is designed by Lee Suk Woo and Byeon Dong Jin. We can call it as a creative and futuristic desk lamp. Its structure stands horizontally or vertically and there is a sensor inside to process the suitable positions.

7. Troja Arc Lamp

Source: fia-uimp.com

It is a Germany-based lamp that is designed by Hansandfranz. It has a futuristic and simple design but the size is pretty big. So, you need more spaces to install.

8. The Chain Lamp

Source: media.madeindesign.com

It is designed by Iliara Marelli. It is an elegant and modern desk lamp. This lamp can be folded to be 2.75 or as long as a stapler.

9. The Ociu Light

Source: miliashop.com

This lamp is designed by Zava and supports the unique statement in your home. Besides the unique shape, it also has a large size, which is 6 feet (185 cm).

10. The Light Drop Lamp

Source: m.media-amazon.com

This lamp creatively created by Rafael Morgan. It has the water feature that is able to control the illumination. You can control the effects either by pushing tapping doubles on it.

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