Tips to Consider Tiles Fireplace Design for Your Houses

One of the most considerable things to mention an eye-catching look fireplace is the tile. The tile around it spreads dominant effect to fireplace design. There are various textures, colors and patterns in the hardware stores with lots of price ranges. Your task here is to find the fittest to your home interior design, whether you need to put synchronized details in harmony or mixture one to another.

10 Favorite Tips to Consider Tiles Fireplace Design for Your Houses

Consider some designs below for your references:

1. Play with the Detail


If you want to make your fireplace become a focal point then you must consider the materials around. In this number one trick, you have to let the mantel and decor very easy and simple. It will allow people’s attention to the sweet small-scale pattern of the tile.

2. Glass-Mosaic Tiles


These tiles create such a drama around your fireplace. Pick one-inch scale tile that the color matches to the surrounding. Otherwise, if you need to create something unique then you can change the mixture color and texture of these glass-mosaic tiles.

3. Neutral Tiles


The neutral tile combined with the ornate mantel will show you how is the definition of true beauty of simplicity. The creamy tone boasts warm nuance. The neutral tone of paint and tiles give perfect open space illusion so the room looks larger than it is actually.

4. Large-Scale Tiles


Add the gold accent to the large-scale tiles to get an elegant and traditional look. Add a classic mirror above to complete the ambiance.

5. Brick-inspired Tiles


Bring back the rustic tone into your home by installing brick around the fireplace. This rustic matter will definitely be perfectly combined with white cabinetry in the kitchen and large wooden table in the dining room.

6. Marble Tiles


It is a great choice for the luxurious fireplace. Besides having marble installment for kitchen and bathroom, marble is definitely perfect for the fireplace as well. To include the simply elegant ambiance, add pairs of black and white materials and paintings.

7. Pebble Materials


Small pebble around the fireplace creates the natural-inspired look or even the mixture of Scandinavian look once you put gray or white mantel along with it. Clean and tidy lines are suitable for apartment or modern house.

8. Glass Tiles


Different from mosaic-glass tiles, this glass tile is easier to mix and match. For creating the open air illusion, you better try installing the glass tiles vertically. The dark color palette will perfectly burst the modern and trendy vibe indeed.

9. Small Tiles as Borders


Use smaller tiles to create borders of the large ones. This border should be the opposite detail to the main tiles. It means while the main tiles are plain then the small tiles have to have different texture and details. The tile border should be inside and outside the edge of the main tiles. Its function is to tie the whole part of the fireplace in one unity.

10. 3D Texture


3D texture can be got by installing similar texture and different color tone of the whole wall in certain space. This 3D texture explains as if the fireplace is standing by itself although, in fact, it doesn’t.

Anna Angela