Tight-Budget Decorating Solutions for Elegant House Design

Elegant doesn’t equal to expensive. So does the elegant house design, you can start choosing the decorations. Even some professional interior designers have shared their ideas about running an elegant house in tight-budget. Some of the tricks even very simple, such as replacing the cushion covers and repainting the wall.

10 Tight-Budget Decorating Solutions for Elegant House Design

Here are the complete solutions for you to surprise your guests.

1. Crown Molding

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Elegant house design doesn’t allow you to be ignorant of every detail. Every detail plays an important role to create custom-made furniture. One of the styles that have perfect detail for an elegant house is crown molding. It creates finished look and larger in case it unite the ceiling and windows. And the good news is, this crown molding will never break your bank account. You can try something like ceiling beams, ceiling medallions, high baseboard, etc.

2. Paint

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Besides the detail, paint also runs important role. There are some certain paint colors that resemble the color of elegance but the choice must be according to your personal taste and personality. Understated hue will be a great choice, together with soft or bold color. Such as, painting your door in black will instantly create elegance and romantic nuance. But black has to be combined with other accessories as well.

3. Pillows

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Besides boosting extra comfort to your guests, pillow also allows you to see elegance in your house. This is your task to choose the best size of the pillow to drag its elegance. The designers’ recommendation must be 22 inches.

4. Windows

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Don’t you think that windows also have a significant influence on the look inside your house? They actually do. There are lots of affordable choices engaged with windows treatment, such as silk, cotton and linen draperies, and woven bamboo shades.

5. Hardware Pieces

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Flea market, small hardware stores, and antique shops are heaven for you who need elegant yet inexpensive pieces of hardware.

6. Lighting

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If you need unique lighting fixtures, then you should consider easy DIY project. Once you purchase the lighting in hardware stores, then you won’t get any differences between your home and others. Give a little touch by adding the ribbon or other stuff to personalize it.

7. Hardwood

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In elegance house, hardwood is much better than carpet. Besides, hardwood lasts longer than carpet and it is easier to clean. Before choosing the hardwood, you certainly should compare the materials. There are some expensive woods that should be avoided, such as cherry. Instead, you better choose birch and oak. Furthermore, choose the darker ones.

8. Accessories

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Gold is a brilliant thing for giving instantly elegant effect into your house. Gold affects positive vibes into, such as a delivered as a symbol of wealth. Some of the gold stuff that you can take are gold mirrors, gold picture frames, etc.

9. Furniture

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A quality furniture in affordable price can be got from the secondhand stores or consignment shops. The idea of getting upholstered furniture according to your home decor will be great without spending much money.

10. Housekeeping

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I guarantee you that this last thing is for free. You don’t need spending money for it. On the other hand, you just need to spare your free time to clean up your house and tidy them up.

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