Pink and Brown Perfect Combination of Bathroom Designs you Should Copy

Coloring bathroom with pink and brown combination in your home is not a crazy idea. One way to improve such a cute and chic interior design is by choosing the right colors. Pink color is usually identified as girls’ character is perfectly match with brown color. These two colors may become such a beautiful combination in your small bathroom.

10 Pink and Brown Colors Composition to Create a Cute Bathroom

Not all people love pink color for coloring bathroom, but for those who like being feminine will probably choose this color to paint the whole room. If you belong to, you can mix and match with brown color to create such an elegant bathroom. Behold the following ideas to copy:

1. Pink Ceramics


A pattern tile at the bottom combined with pink wall ceramics may become the cutest nuance you have ever seen. Choose a good quality of ceramics so that it will hold out for a long time.

2. Pink Polcadot Curtain


Pink polcadot is a gorgeous pattern to match with most items, included curtain and wall. Placing such a cute curtain with polcadot pattern is the best solution to bring cuteness overload in your small bathroom.

3. Brown Pattern


A curtain with batic pattern can be one best look in your bathroom. Combined with pink ceramics at the wall, it creates such an artistic aspect in your space which may identify your personality.

4. Calm Tone


Pink color floor is enough to reflect prominent nuance, thus you can balance with calm tone in the wall. Complete with young brown curtain to create such an interesting composition in your bathroom.

5. Small Pattern Floor


Smaller ceramics at the wall with pinkish effect is a common choice. In order to make it more funny, you may improve brown pattern floor. Make sure you choose the right pattern which can perfectly match with the overall space.

6. Light Brown


Some people do not like of having dark nuance at the bathroom. One way to overcome is by choosing light brown color to lighten up the whole room. A colorful pattern of curtain can be added to bring perfection in your bathroom.

7. Touch of Light


Focusing on color only is not enough to create such a chic bathroom design. At some point, you can also play with the light design. Placing three hanging lamps above the wastafel is sweet idea. This can invite warmth in your pink and brown bathroom design.

8. White Curtain


Having many pattern items and striking colors make your bathroom cheesy. Thus, to balance it, setting white curtain to separate the closet and wastafel. This will be is a wise choice.

9. Towels Storage Place


You have more than one towels at bathroom? So, you can place them in a metallic basket or hang on the hanger. This will make your pinkish bathroom looks simple yet elegant.

10. No Frame Mirror


Placing mirror with frame in front of the wastafel may become common option. You can replace it with no frame mirror to reflect your unique personality. Though pink is not rustic character, by bringing this stuff, you can enjoy pinkish rustic interior design in your bathroom.

Getting inspired after looking those pink and brown accent ideas? then try to improve your bathroom now.


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