Martha Stewart Bathroom Ideas that will Upgrade Your Ordinary Bathroom

Some modern people knowing more about decoration make Martha Stewart interior design as a role model. Martha Stewart is business woman, writer, and public figure who has various business ventures. One of interior design that can be copied of Martha Stewart is bathroom design.

10 Martha Stewart Bathroom Ideas as Best Decoration Improvements

Martha Stewart bathroom designs turn into new model of interior design that people nowadays look out. Full of DIY decors, handcrafts, and some funny elements are the characters of this bathroom model. The following references can be tried to maximize your bathroom look. Check these out!

1. Simple Stuffs


Most bathrooms take big space in house. Unluckily if you have small space only, you have to minimize the stuffs. This idea can be one of brilliant way for those who have small area to make a simple bathroom.

2. Rattan Handcrafts


One best element to match with any minimalist bathroom designs is rattan handcraft. You can freely make a basket, storage places, etc. Simply, if you can’t made on yourself, just order to a craftsman to handle it properly with the budget that you have.

3. Double Set of Wastafel


Being less is a possible way to press the budget. However, if you have many family members that possibly use the bathroom together, you can manage double sets of wastafels with simple design.

4. Glass Window


Making such a glass window at the bathroom is not a common way that mostly people decide to do. But this will be a great different idea as this allows you to look outside when at the bathroom. Don’t forget to complete it with bold curtain.

5. White Cabinetry


A square cabinet below the wastafel may become common design look that most people want. What if the cabinet is bigger than the exact size of the wastafel? It will be a unique yet functional component in your bathroom.

6. Tiny Cupboard


Most Martha Stewart interior designs uses white tone overall in keeping the elegance. It includes element, as like a small cupboard beside of the wastafel set. A white tiny cupboard is enough as the storage place to keep your bathroom materials.

7. Functional Drawers


A cabinet set below the wastafel can be a functional storage place, if you can remodel it with many drawers. Each drawer may have different shape to fit in the stuffs you need to save.

8. Wooden Rack


Ordinary rack is usually placed at the wall or over the floor, but sometimes you can also modify it above the door. This rack may be higher than usual rack, but it will be a good place to save certain materials like towels, basket, etc.

9. Towels Storage Place


Usually you place towels at the locked cabinet or at metallic hanger. But, this give you more beneficial idea to place your towels below the cabinet to make them more reachable.

10. Remodel Drawer


If you have only one drawer, but you have many stuffs to keep separately, then try this remodel drawer. You can make smaller drawer in the main drawer. Your stuffs will keep save in different spaces.

Martha Stewart bathroom ideas are great, right? then try to practice one of them!

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