Magical Fairy Garden Ideas for Imaginative Kids

Who doesn’t love fairy garden? Every kid must dream of having fairies on their own, building homes for fairies and even seeing them. As a parent who loves encouraging their kids, you may need creating lovely fairy garden to fulfill your kid’s daydream and creativity. By installing a small house in the backyard surrounded by trees and flowers may awaken your kid’s imagination that fairies do exist.

10 Magical Fairy Garden Ideas for Imaginative Kids

There are no reasons to disappoint your kids, aren’t they? Here are some tricks and tips to make your kid’s dreams come true.

1. Large Pot Fairy House


The first creation is coming from the large pot. You simply arrange the tiny trees and bushes into it and other small fairy things, such as fairy house, bridge, pebble, stairs, etc. Along with it is the easiest fairy garden to create, it is also easier thing to move and replace each tiny piece. This little rearrangement will ensure your kid that the fairies play along on it while she/ he is sleeping. Doesn’t it lovely?

2. Birth bath


This is also a kind of most favorite spot for creating one. You don’t need to put much effort into it. Simply put the flower bed and your kid will be happy looking at and pretending that the fairies are playing there every single night.

3. Pot of Succulent


Due to this pot has plant growing, so you just need to add the tiny fairy accessories and furniture. There is no need additional plants or flowers for more. This arrangement describes the fairies who stay in the forest: green and wild.

4. Cardboard Box


It is the time to do it together with your beloved kids. Give them a cardboard box and create a fairy paradise inside. Both of you are allowed to add something magical, such as tiny bell, flower bed, tiny river flow with pebble-stone, tiny and mossy bridge, and so on.

5. Under the Tree


You should try creating a bigger landscape to your little fairies. Most of the time, natural landscape is way better the artificial ones. Look around at your large tree in your backyard or front yard. Add the special touch of yours, such as small signpost, etc.

6. Herbs


The herbs will give a strike into your fairy garden as if they have been in winter where the leaves are down everyone.

7. Miniature of the Favorite Book’s


Your kids must have certain favorite books or movies about fairytales, such as Peter Pan, etc. After getting what’s their favorite book and character, then make them real. Create one, which is a resemblance of the book/ movie.

8. Fairy Patio


This is exactly what the fairies look like at their leisure time. In your patio, complete the fairy garden with the tiny pool and other tiny pop color furniture.

9. Terrarium


This is the perfect idea for you who don’t have backyard nor front yard. Creating fairy terrarium should be considered as the sea-fairies where they are living in the deep sea. Tiny corals, sand, and flowers will be the best consideration.

10. Seasonal Fairy Garden


Your kids must have thought that the fairies are having similar season’s changing as well as human being. So, you should create one according to each season in real.

Anna Angela