Cozy Up your Bedroom Design with The Following Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas for Adult

Shabby chic bedroom model becomes interesting for some people in this modern era. Most people nowadays tend to search modern bedroom design that is compatible to the budget that they have. Shabby chic is a country look which is often French-inspired with elegant color.

10 Best Performance of Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs

Taking shabby chic style into your bedroom becomes interesting as it can minimize the budget that you have. Shabby chic performs with simplicity yet unique so it will fit perfectly to create vintage style bedroom. Behold the following ideas you can try at home to maximize you bedroom look:

1. Vase of Flower


Shabby chic which is often identified with floral pattern will completely work with vases of flowers. This only performs well if you choose little floral pattern for your bed cover set to avoid bustling effect.

2. Knit Blanket


Besides playing with floral pattern, shabby chic is also characterized by knit material. You can buy knit blanket or bed cover made of wool to perfect your small bed.

3. Red Dominated Color


Though shabby chic is usually calm and elegant, it also improves red color to give bold accent. This prominent color can match with flowery and square pattern of blanket and bed cover.

4. White Plain Material


If you do not like having too much colorful pattern in your bedroom, you can replace it with white plain materials. White blanket and bed cover set will directly improve elegant nuance combined with fluffy mats.

5. Peasant Sewing Model


Besides pattern and color, shabby chic is also defined by the sewing model. Peasant model with double layers for bed cover, pillow case, and tablecloth may create such a nice composition in your bedroom.

6. Red Roses


Red roses identify a sharp and beautiful look. This can help you much in performing shabby chic bedroom design if you use this pattern in blanket and pillow case. Make sure you choose another calm color to create balance.

7. Flowery Curtain


Though you are adult, you may still love cute and funny accent in your bedroom. As you will attend this room for oftentimes, you will try to improve the design completely. In order to maximize the shabby chic look, you can use flowery pattern for curtain which is similar to the bed cover set.

8. White Mosquito Net


Mosquito net is usually set for protecting you when sleeping. But sometimes, it can also function as property to beautify your shabby chic bedroom design. This will perform better if you choose white color which is suitable with the bed room set.

9. Emboss Cover


If you want different touch in your shabby chic bedroom, you can replace pattern material with emboss model. Bed cover and pillow case with rose emboss model will generate elegant look in your bedroom.

10. Wooden Wall and Floor


Shabby chic which is sometimes related to old-fashioned style can meet perfection if you use wooden wall and floor in your bedroom. However, you have you to buy high quality material so it will hold out for a long time.

These shabby chic bedroom designed for adult, thus, they all indicate adult personality which are calm, elegant, and mature. Which one of yours?

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