How to Install Creative DIY Open Shelves

Open shelving is the shelving that enables to view as there are no doors conceal it. The open shelves are not lately trended in fact, they even come in the earlier decade. Open shelving is perfectly fit for a kitchen. Modern people adopt this old-school concept as it creates bright and inviting nuance. After all, the open shelving brings more benefits in cost, storage, and organization. People also call it as timeless shelving concept.

10 Ways to Install Creative DIY Open Shelves

Sometimes people just ask whether the open shelving idea is really cost-friendly. Undoubtedly, yes. And more yes for easy installment. If you are going to install it by yourself, let’s reveal some trick on how we create creative DIY shelves.

1. Draw the Illustration


Draw and sketch what it will look like and in which size. Consider other parts around your soon-to-be shelving, such as the lamp, television, and certain location to install them.

2. Use the Tape


You have to use lots of math to measure every inch of it. To facilitate, you can use the tape as help. Use them (according to the size in your illustration) in the wall where you want to put the shelves.

3. Use a Piece of Cardboard


This is the easiest way to ensure that your tape has already and perfectly been straight. From this step, you will see whether your previous measurement is too close each other or not. After everything is clear, you can start put the bracket and then line it up.

4. Go to the Home Depot


You already have your bracket in line now. So, it is the time to take it to the nearest Home Depot to cut them off.

5. Bolts and Cap Nuts


After everything is getting ready. Bolt and cap nut each board into the signed spot before. Be careful while doing this job or you are even able to ask for professional help (perhaps somebody from the Home Depot)

6. Styling


Here comes the time of your creativity. Your open shelves have been installed and you can put anything on it. For instance, you can put small vase to enlighten the ambiance. Arrange the books according to its size and type. If you wish to put a Television on it, you can go camouflage it by taking books or vase around.

7. The Container Store


Choosing the container store should be considered on the size of your open shelve. The popular materials are kind of wood tones and metal finishes.

8. Keep it Neat and Well Arranged


This is in line with the styling matters. Keeping everything in its place is rather difficult. While the days are running, sometimes people don’t remember their own rule about putting the right thing in the right place. There should not no mussy books; every time you take a book or other things, remember to put it back.

9. Wall Replacement


This is for separating one room to another, as a wall replacement.

10. Anchor Away


This is the last part to make sure that your open shelve is secure enough to hang on your wall.

Anna Angela