Easy and Affordable DIY Coffee Table

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Everyone must have their dream furniture. One of the reasons why they don’t purchase it is simply the matter of price. Besides, building your own furniture may give self-satisfaction and signature look to your home sweet home? You don’t need to be a professional handcrafter to build your own furniture. All you need to have is courage and some pieces of woods.

10 Easy and Affordable DIY Coffee Table Ideas

Something simple can be your first project, such as a coffee table. Building DIY coffee table doesn’t require much time and energy.

Here are some ideas of the simplest DIY Coffee table you can try at home.

1. Industrial Coffee Table

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First, you need some pieces of different wood. Second, you have to be able to use saw. After completing those things, you start applying those different type of woods and screw them together becomes the surface and the legs. The more variety you have, the more industrial look it gets.

2. Wood Slab Coffee Table

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This is the easiest way to get stylish coffee table. All you need is just the slab. You just need to purchase the legs at the hardware store. And it’s done!

3. Tile Coffee Table

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It meets the slogan of reuse and recycles. At home, you have a wall or floor tile, then reuse it. Built the shape of table legs from woods and add the tile on the surface.

4. Copper Pipe and Wooden Board Coffee Table

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This type combines both industrial and minimalist style. The challenge you will see is how to cut off the copper pipe. It makes you able to use saw as well.

5. Pallet Glass Coffee Table

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Pallets are kinds of materials everyone can use. They give unique and stylist look, moreover if we combine them with glass. It must look like professional-made.

6. Balustrade Coffee Table

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Buy some ornate wood pillars and cut off into four pieces. Look what you’ve done with them.

7. Luggage Coffee Table

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This DIY does really mean that you need to put your luggage literally. For livelier if you put the labels on it.

8. Vintage Coffee Table

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It is also about pallet wood. Combine the pallet wood and cool stencil becomes one and voila! Your homemade vintage coffee table is out!

9. Chalkboard Coffee Table

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This is most perfect for you who have toddlers at home. Put your old coffee table, chalkboard vinyl and spray paint. Repaint your old coffee table, put the chalkboard as the surface and screw them together. Your toddlers can start having fun drawing and writing on it.

10. Hidden Chest Coffee Table

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This also works for you who have toddlers at home. Building this smart table just needs a drill. Buy the metal tube as the storage and round wood as the surface. You can put the toys inside this metal tube. Once a guest is coming, you just have to drag and hide those scattered toys in it. Your kids must also be so exited having such a toy treasure. The most fun part is, you can build it together with your kids.