Signs to Bring the Farmhouse Style into your Living Room

Farmhouse living room style can be applied wherever you live, not only on a farm. But once you have thoughts remodeling your home into farmhouse style, you should not mean that it will simple and practical. Beyond, it needs more natural elements and color combination as a mirror of country living. And it is not easy but also marvelous indeed.

10 Signs to Bring the Farmhouse Style into your Living Room

Farmhouse style is about the perception of the beholders. You cannot strictly forbid something into what so called style. For example, it will take much differences between Europe and USA farmhouse style, and so on. But in this article, you will see the farmhouse living room style as general and everyone in all over the world is able to adopt without looking odd.

1. Monochromic Color on the Wall


We are not only talking about the neutral paint color but also the brick or the ceramic walls. Choose monochromic ones, such as cream, beige, gray and of course white. Stay away from the bright and cheerful colors and also don’t paint each room for different color. The walls of your entire home should be at the same color scheme to turn up the nuance of calming.

2. Incorporate Dimension


There are lots of furniture that describe the farmhouse style, such as the shiplap, bead board or wainscoting. These types of furniture bring furniture farmhouse ambiance but you have to pay much on it. So, this is just optional, especially for you who needs to make a big change for your home. For saving more expense, try to replace them with the small shiplap in the living room.

3. Mixture Elements


Something fresh and affordable could be found by mixing the vintage and new things. For example, put a new vase for your greenery instead of vintage ones; put the new ceramic walls (in monochrome color scheme) instead of old ones, etc. It helps you more practical and easy.

4. Replace All Things in Bright Colors


As mentioned above, bright colors didn’t fit into this farmhouse style. If you wish using some bright colors in your farmhouse living room, it is suggested you do it sparingly. Using pop color of vas is still acceptable, for example.

5. Wire Baskets


This is the easiest and cheapest way to create rustic feel into your home. Besides putting them outside the home for your greenery and flowers, you also can put them in the living room as the pillow storage.

6. Wood Things


Rustic is all about woods. You can add various wood accessories and furniture, starting from the small to big ones. Even more, try creating by yourself. For example, paint certain words on an old barn wood.

7. The Light Fixture


The rustic way will be replaced well and fast by the light fixture.

8. Do Some Fun Painting


It is time to look for your old furniture. Opt ones that need to be repainted since there are some old furniture that will be great on their original color.

9. Play with the Distressed Furniture


Once you find some old broken doors or windows of old farmhouse, give them painted and make them additional accessories.

10. Prefer Flea Market than Shopping Mall


It is based on their prices and the completeness of vintage things.

Anna Angela