Principles Must Exist on Modern Home Interior

We are living in a modern world with all of modern things, including the design of homes. Modern home interior is a resemblance of modern world: simple, dynamic and futuristic. It also refers to the modern furniture through its lines, shapes and sizes.

10 Principles Must Exist on Modern Home Interior

The creation of modern design of homes is in fact according to the principles of what modern people usually do and like to their surroundings. Modern people tends to be busier and in higher mobility. They don’t have enough time to clean up the so-called carved furniture or tiny accessories. They better take a rest on their time at home before going to work in the morning.

In term of architecture, there are also 10 principles to indulge the modern home interior:

1.The Details


They don’t come in very complicated with carved or else. Instead straight, clean lines and pure curvilinear. For example, the rooflines of modern homes are flatter and tend to blend with the surroundings. It causes numerous housings in big cities look similar each other.

2. The Natural Lights


Natural light is supposed to bring new happiness for human beings in modern living. So, modern people build skylights, large windows and the floor to ceiling panorama windows. Besides having natural lights enter the building, it also shows the natural background.

3. The Airiness


Modern people believe in time is money. It causes how they choose the modern furniture for their homes as well to be lighter, stylish and very functional.

4. Natural Materials


Modern people concerns to the green lifestyle, including using organic materials. Such as wool, leather, natural linen, stone, etc.

5. Color Scheme


They believe in the power of neutral color as the perfect base for everything. Something like gray, white and black will perfectly fit completed by stronger accents, such as metal shine of stainless steel.

6. Modern Carpet and Bare Floor


The rugs area of modern home creates a comfort zone for gathering with family aside from other rooms. It is usually popular for a dining room and living room. This minimalist expression can be replaced by hardwood flooring, stone, ceramic tile, or marble.

7. The Open Floor Plan

This plan area is usually called as one grand area where the living room, dining room and kitchen are united together without walls to separate. Or even though there are barriers to mention each zone, there must be blurred or so called non-solid barrier.

8. Accents


As mentioned above, modern homes include functional and minimalist details, such as glass or metal railings, simple lighting fixtures and modern art. These accents create clean lines and more open space inside the home.

9. Modern Technology


It could be denied that every modern human being has modern technology inside their homes, such as TV, computers, smartphones, etc.

10. Trends


Although modern design tends to be minimalist but the comfort is a number one to install. Modern people don’t need to waste their time and once they reach home, they need to be as comfortable as possible and forget the dizziness outside.

Anna Angela