Essentials to Go for Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Looking at the image of farmhouse kitchen ideas might bring you self-proclaim to the charming nuance. But adopting them into modern house must need more efforts. Unlike bringing the old farmhouse completed with the old rustic kitchen, adopting the idea of rustic kitchen into modern house needs you to be able to opt the most suitable furniture and design indeed.

10 Essentials to Go for Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Remodeling a home into rustic farmhouse style is pretty daunting. There are lots of expensive wooden furniture to chase for. Once you decide to do this, ensure you have calculated all the expenses and the prices of your most-wanted-stuffs. So you won’t run out money in the middle of remodeling thing.

There are some ideas of stuffs to be considered as parts of most favorite farmhouse kitchens:

1. Stucco and Cement Tile


Once you get into the farmhouse, the stucco and cement tile must be a part of it. This tinted cement tile brings almost half of the rustic nuance so you should not pass this term away of your plans.

2. Solid Wood Kitchen Table


The large kitchen table used to be the focal point of the kitchen. All family members must spend sometimes to gather around here, at least at the dinner. So, the size must be considered as the number of your family members.

3. Cabinetry


Besides, the custom redwood cabinetry will be perfect match to be placed behind the table. Once you need to make it more affordable, you can try purchasing something from the flea markets.

4. The Style of Light Fixture


The hooded lantern look with the beaded glass will be great option to fit for a farmhouse style. The color must be dark, such as black or brown so it will completely match to the wooden table and cabinets.

5. The Size of the Light Fixture.


While considering the light fixture, functional things come first. For example, put a three-light fixture over the kitchen table so you and your family get enough light while eating and gathering around.

6. The Apron Sink


It is the second-focal point coming after the heavy wooden kitchen table. It has deep bowl and also sturdy construction. It comes in various rustic colors but considering to match its color to your cabinet and wall. White is pretty popular color for rustic heavy sink. The standard sink of farmhouse must be white ceramic sink.

7. The Fireplace


It is theoretically installed in the living room, next to the kitchen. The fireplace is not something that can be done in a short of time. It indeed needs more efforts and money to be the resemblance of farmhouse fireplace. Or if you want to make it easier, you can create a faux farmhouse fireplace which will make a fool of the eyes. Construct one with wood and paint with white color of farmhouse characteristic.

8. Open Shelving


Classic farmhouse kitchen used to install the open shelving to make easy to locate and grab the dishes. If you have closed shelving in a modern style, you can remove some of the doors to replace them with the glass.

9. Rustic Accents


The rustic touch comes from the old-fashioned accessories, such as old pottery, pitchers, etc. For additional accent, benches and stools will be perfect combination.

10. Fabric


Farmhouse style has the characteristic fabric of monogram and easy to clean.

Anna Angela