Bathroom Tile Design Inspiration for 2018, Get Your Mood in A Good Way

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Source: Honey Collins Interior

As I’ve mentioned many times, a bathroom is an essential place – that you didn’t realize – can affect your mood. A beautiful, clean, neat bathroom could make you happoer and even more relax after you use it. For that, we have some bathroom tile design inspiration for 2018 that may be a good thing to do.

The presence of a comfortable and beautiful bathroom can relax your muscle after such a long and tiring day under a warm shower. Feels so good, huh?

This bathroom tile design inspiration for 2018 will certainly scale up your living, it can bring a different atmosphere into your bathroom. Don’t think that the color of the wall does nothing, in fact, it can give you a special sensation for each color, it can increase your mood in a good way.

Bathroom Tile Design Inspiration for 2018, Get Your Mood in A Good Way

So, here are some bathroom tile design inspiration for 2018 that you may apply to your bathroom so you could feel more comfortable and relax after spending the whole day.

1. Harmonious Shades of Green


2. Create A Lush Space by Mixing Texture


3. Soft, Warm Pastels


4. Patterned Blue Tiles


5. Navy Bordered in White

Source: Taylor Anne Interiors

6. Vivid Multi-Colored Graphics


7. Navy and White Motif


8. Ocean Ombre Accent Wall

Source: Elza B Design, Inc.

9. Mustard and Liberty Blue Floors

Source: Fearins | Welch Interior Design

10. Cheerful Mint Green

Source: Tim Barber Ltd.

11. Clean in Lime Green

Source: Kristina Crestin Design

12. Contemporary Spotted Blue

Source: Annie Downing Interiors

13. Yellow Floor Mosaic

Source: Brown Design Group

14. Blue Retro Cubism

Source: Caroline Kopp Interior Design

15. Blue-Green Bath

Source: Chad McPhail Design

16. Red and Burnt Orange Stripes

Source: Brett Design

17. Dark Blue Pattern Play

Source: Honey Collins Interior

18. Floor-To-Wall Baby Blue Tile

Source: Amy Lau Design

19. Rustic Glam Agate

Source: Jaycox Architecs & Associates

20. Mellow Yellow

Source: Kristina Crestin Design