Apartment Storage Ideas for Small Spaces To Enlarge Your Living

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Apartment storage ideas for small spaces are what we need actually if we own an apartment or just a simple flat for a living. Well, yeah, apartment is one of the best wayif you want to have a nice dwelling without having to spend a big bunch of money.

Some of the advantages that you may get from this small apartment including a lower rental fee, a strategic location to the city center and also the charm of a warm minimalist space, if you are clever decorating it appropriately. Although you don’t have a spacious room, you can still decorate it with style. There are many apartment storage ideas for small spaces to get the most out of your room.

One of the wrong perceptions about decorating small apartments is that the entire focus should be placed on functionality, not on the design. Though the decor of a small apartment doesn’t have to refer to the function of space, it may have a stylish style like other modern dwellings.

So basically, the decoration of an apartment is a balance between function and comfortable design. Prioritize high-efficient furniture, but also with a personal design aesthetic.

34 Apartment Storage Ideas for Small Spaces To Enlarge Your Living

Here are some inspiration of apartment storage ideas for small spaces that you may apply to make your modest room to be more spacious and fancy!

1. Shoe Storage Under the Stairs

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2. Install a Bookshelf Beneath the Bed

Source: barbara.babyblog.ru

3. Simple Shower Ring Scarf Storage

Source: ftdofsmcp.blogspot.com

4. Gorgeous and Practical Mason Jar Storage

Source: thediyplaybook.com

5. Space-Saving Jars Mounted Under a Shelf

Source: freshdesignpedia.com

6. Hidden Sliding Shelf in a Small Bathroom

Source: alwaysneverdone.com

7. Build a Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet

Source: homedit.com

8. Maximize the Space Beneath Kitchen Cabinets

Source: familyhandyman.com

9. Slip a Slender Table Behind the Sofa

Source: alwaysneverdone.com

10. Adorable Hanger Hack for Sandal Storage

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11. Hanging Shelves Double Cabinet Space

Source: photos.hgtv.com

12. Rolling Spice Rack Beside the Fridge

Source: instructables.com

13. Sliding Shelves Mounted Behind Bathroom Mirror

Source: dizainall.com

14. Free Up Sink Storage with Appliance Hooks

Source: cosmopolitan.com

15. Sliding Drawers Make Sink Storage Simple

Source: goodshomedesign.com

16. Low-Mounted Coat Rack for Entryway Shoe Storage

Source: charterhouseinteriors.com

17. Wire Shelving For Storing Pans

Source: acultivatednest.com

18. Attractive Shelves Give Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

Source: rukle.com

19. Add Storage Between Your Washer and Dryer

Source: ideastand.com

20. Cabinets Beneath the Stairs Maximize Unused Space

Source: tinyhousetalk.com

21. Pantry Door Transformed Into a Spice Rack

Source: centophobe.com

22. Shelves Multitask as Storage and Room Divider

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23. Mount Colorful Hat Boxes for Bathroom Storage

Source: countryliving.com

24. Fill a Shoe Organizer with Cleaning Supplies

Source: littlepieceofme.com

25. Install Handy Fixtures in Your Island

Source: simplementegenial.cc

26. Commode Shelf Keeps the Necessities Close By

Source: organarchy.co

27. Angled Shelving Conveniently Holds Laundry Baskets

Source: holdontoyourhatsblog.blogspot.com

28. Shower Curtain Clips Hold Your Beauty Products

Source: lesmaisons.co

29. Install a Full-Length Mirror with Hidden Shelving

Source: craftyourself.com

30. Artwork Transforms Into Fold-Down Table

Source: spicytec.com

31. Gorgeous and Modern Built-In Laundry Storage

Source: archiproducts.com

32. Make Practical Use of Open Wall Space

Source: ilovepalets.com

33. Turn Your Fridge Into Magnetic Spice Storage

Source: decor.immocercle.com

34. Keep Organized with a Stylish Organizer Wall

Source: thehankfulhouse.com