29 Marvelous Travel Inspired Home Decor Ideas That Will Bring The Wanderlust Fantasy To Your Home

These travel inspired home decor ideas will definitely make life more colorful. It all started from my hobby to travel somewhere. At first, I was a bit confused to write something about travelling, but it couldn’t hurt me to try it out and share new ideas.

As a person who likes to travel, the ideal residence for me actually just a simple room. A small house with functional furniture is more than enough. Well, although the space is quite limited, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have space for our creativity. Functional, simple, and comfortable, those 3 important elements become the main part in decorating a room.

As a traveler, I pretty much take the idea of the places that I’ve visited. Craze runs to several countries also becomes a distinct advantage. Not infrequently I meet knick-knacks that are so tempting to take home, then I make it as my home decor.

29 Marvelous Travel Inspired Home Decor Ideas That Will Bring The Wanderlust Fantasy To Your Home

Here are some travel inspired home decor ideas that will make your living more colorful and full of adventure.

1. Light Up Travel Destinations Map

Source: hazelandruby.com

2. Travel Souvenir Shadow Box

Source: athletesabroad.wordpress.com

3. Hanging Polaroid Photo Display Project

Source: likeabobo.fr

4. Large Ticket Stub Shadow Box

Source: etsy.com

5. Photo Frame and Map Web Display

Source: diyfunideas.com

6. Light Up Hanging Globe

Source: thebravelife.co

7. Sand and Dirt Sample Jar

Source: daisyanddaydreams.com

8. Framed Foreign Coin Collage

Source: indigoamethyst.blogspot.com

9. Decoupage Map “Travel” Wall Sign

Source: dotandbo.com

10. Mini Photo Clipboard Gallery Wall

Source: fearlessandframed.com

11. Framed Heart Map Cut-Outs Idea

Source: vimandvintageblog.com

12. Easy Upcycled World Map Dresser

Source: betweentherafters.blogspot.com

13. Three Piece 3D Wall World Map

Source: amazon.com

14. Foreign Currency Shadow Box

Source: hu.pinterest.com

15. “Explore” World Map Wall Art

Source: etsy.com

16. Stylized World Map Photo Holder

Source: contemporist.com

17. Easy Floating Framed Currency

Source: schoolofdecorating.com

18. Vintage Suitcase Stack End Table

Source: thelocker.typepad.com

19. Map and Scrabble Letters Shadow Box

Source: etsy.com

20. Travel Themed Gallery Wall

Source: livelaughrowe.com

21. Huge Magnetic Strip For Souvenir Magnets

Source: hgtv.com

22. Simple Map Flag Banner

Source: etsy.com

23. Chic Canvas Photo Gallery Wall

Source: ilovemyinterior.nl

24. World Map Cork Photo Board

Source: hu.pinterest.com

25. State Photo USA Map

Source: hu.pinterest.com

26. World Traveler Memento Shadow Box

Source: emilialua1.tumblr.com

27. Upcycled Trunk Photo and Souvenir Board

Source: myhomemystyle.com

28. Hexagonal Travel Destination Wall Art

Source: hardtofind.com.au

29. Easy Souvenir Postcard “Tree”

Source: ruffledblog.com

Luciana Carolline

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