35 Fancy Outdoor Holiday Planter Ideas To Enliven Your Christmas Day

Christmas is coming up! Surely you can’t wait to celebrate this special day with your family and friends, but somehow this day won’t be even more special without the presence of the best outdoor holiday planter ideas such as a Christmas tree.

Guess what, Christmas decoration has become one of the most interesting parts in celebrating Christmas because it gives a different sensation. These outdoor holiday planter ideas come in various sizes and shapes. Some are small that can be placed on the table and some are bigger that can be placed on the street, or just in front of your house.

35 Fancy Outdoor Holiday Planter Ideas To Enliven Your Christmas Day

Wanna take a look? Here are some best outdoor holiday planter ideas to bring the festive on your Christmas Day.

1. Evergreen and Birch Branch Planter

Source: feastandflowers.com

2. Giant Ornament and Lantern Planter

Source: homebunch.com

3. Glittery Branch, Ornament, and Bow Planter

Source: onecreativehousewife.com

4. Rustic Milk Can Planter With Evergreens

Source: thepaintedhinge.com

5. Simple Branches With String Lights

Source: pinterest.com

6. Pretty Present Stack Porch Display

Source: theseasonalhome.com

7. Winter White Branches With Evergreens

Source: pinterest.com

8. Giant Ornament On Evergreen Branches

Source: gardeners.com

9. Galvanized Bucket Trio Christmas Display

Source: uncommondesignsonline.com

10. Pinecones, Evergreens, and Ornaments Planters

Source: ploughyourownfurrow.wordpress.com

11. Festive Pine Tree Porch Planters

Source: onsuttonplace.com

12. Rustic Christmas Pine Planter Display

Source: exploreloveeat.blogspot.com

13. Pinecone and Evergreens Porch Baskets

Source: pinterest.com

14. Easy DIY Rustic Winter Planter

Source: julieblanner.com

15. Festive Poinsettia Milk Can Planter

Source: pinterest.com

16. String Light Lanterns and Evergreens Planters

Source: amandacarolathome.com

17. Birch Branch and Evergreens Planters

Source: pinklover.snydle.com

18. Evergreens and Lantern Globe Planter

Source: prettypinktulips.com

19. “Joy” Festive Firewood Basket Decor

Source: chiconashoestringdecoratingblog.com

20. Christmas Tree with Ornaments Planter

Source: creativelylivingblog.com

21. Pretty Evergreen Branch Christmas Planter

Source: pinterest.com.mx

22. Red and Green Christmas Planter

Source: teresina.ca

23. DIY Cranberries, Evergreens, and Lights Planter

Source: momcrieff.com

24. Blue and White Winter Planter

Source: callingithome.com

25. Antique Washtub Christmas Porch Display

Source: laughingabi.com

26. Pretty White Christmas “Tree” Project

Source: pinterest.ca

27. Rustic Birch and Evergreen Planter

Source: houzz.com

28. Simple Pinecones and Stars Display

Source: pinterest.co.uk

29. DIY Festive Monogram Porch Planter

Source: pinterest.com

30. “Snowy” Pinecone Flower Box Tutorial

Source: pinterest.ca

31. Metal Bucket Christmas Porch Planter

Source: chippyshabby.blogspot.com

32. DIY Pine and Birch Branch Planter

Source: ottawagardendesign.wordpress.com

33. Fun Red and Green Christmas Display

Source: pinterest.co.uk

34. Tomato Cage Poinsettia Christmas Tree

Source: twotwentyone.net

35. Colorful Winter Porch Planter Project

Source: violanursery.com

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