35 Lovely and Fancy Christmas Wall Decor Ideas, Bring The Joy to Your Special Day

The splendid celebration of Christmas won’t be that nice without Christmas wall decor. Just a long way before the week of Christmas, we’ve already seen a lot of decorations and sundries of Christmas everywhere that dominantly plastered in every corner of the city.

Well, yeah, this month is indeed synonymous with such a magnificent, funny, and heartwarming ornament throughout the eye.

The Christmas ornaments will also generally won’t be left out to enliven the room in your beloved house. This activity can even be a moment that most eagerly awaited by the whole family around the world.

But, sometimes people feel lazy to decorate their house or apartment when Christmas arrives because they’re afraid of making their room looks more cramped. Actually, with the right choice of Christmas wall decor, the atmosphere which makes us happy can still be achieved.

Either by putting Santas stockings, festive lights, or other ornaments, Christmas wall decor is an easy way to decorate our house without taking up a lot of space.

35 Lovely and Fancy Christmas Wall Decor Ideas, Bring The Joy to Your Special Day

Well, how about you? Have you started preparing Christmas yet? Here are some inspirations of Christmas wall decor that you may apply to bring joy into your house.

1. Relaxing Armchair with a Merry Wall Art

Source: instagram.com

2. Easy and Beautiful JOY Wall Decoration

Source: rosyscription.com

3. Eclectic Farmhouse Style Entryway with Chalkboard

Source: thefancyshack.blogspot.com

4. Write Your Name on the Wall Decoration

Source: sandandsisal.com

5. Merry and Bright Christmas Wall Decoration

Source: tatertotsandjello.com

6. Cozy Couch with an Innovative Wreath

Source: thedesigntwins.com

7. Creative Christmas Wall Decorating with Snowflakes

Source: dumpaday.com

8. Rustic Red Ribbon Star Wall Art

Source: beyondthepicket-fence.com

9. Christmas Lights Tree Wall Hanging

Source: lainteriorista.blogspot.com

10. Delightful Smass Trees Raining Down Wall Decoration

Source: 45walldesign.blogspot.com

11. Cheerful Holiday Holly Wall Decor

Source: snowandgraham.com

12. Creative Country Christmas Wall Decor

Source: mycreativedays.porch.com

13. Bold Alphabet Block Letter Art

Source: remodelandolacasa.com

14. Christmas Reindeer Sign Wall Hanging

Source: lizmarieblog.com

15. Creative and Merry Joy Wall Hanging

Source: onsuttonplace.com

16. Festive Holiday Fabric Wall Decoration

Source: pensandneedles-by-amy.blogspot.com

17. Minimalist Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

Source: creativespotting.com

18. Wreaths for Dining Room Wall Decoration

Source: dorisleslieblau.com

19. Window Frame with Dried Berry Branch

Source: orchidlagoon.com

20. Lighted Snowflakes Canvas Wall Hanging

Source: thelovenerds.com

21. Farmhouse Style Holiday Gallery Wall

Source: bloominghomestead.com

22. Easy Christmas Tree Wall Decoration

Source: muyingenioso.com

23. Colorful Pipe Christmas Tree on the Wall

Source: architectureartdesigns.com

24. Divine Entryway Christmas Wall Decoration

Source: lindsaylettersblogs.com

25. Updated Gallery Wall for Christmas

Source: kirklands.com

26. Use Chalkboard with Christmas Inspired Quote

Source: ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

27. Beautiful Entryway with Stainless Steel Letters

Source: honeywerehome.com

28. Wreath and Chalkboard Combination in your Entryway

Source: thelilypadcottage.com

29. Angel Wings Wall Hanging with Tree Branch

Source: chiccalifornia.com

30. Stockings and a Small Christmas Tree

Source: howtodecorate.com

31. Wreath, Red Ribbon, and Chalkboard Background

Source: cherishedbliss.com

32. Magnificent Rustic Christmas Decorating Idea

Source: liveitbeautiful.com

33. Reindeer art and Felt Ball Wreath Entryway

Source: littlehouseoffour.com

34. Merry and Bright Star Wall Decoration

Source: etsy.com

35. Old Tree Branch Decorative Wall Hanging

Source: decoratingbuzz.com

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