32 Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas, Fashioning Your Own Winter Wonderland in Your House

Christmas living room decor ideas are basically unlimited, explore yourself to create and give different nuance for this year’s Christmas. Christmas living room decor can be applied with color combinations. Playing in white and black will make your Christmas tree looks enchanting. Give a warm impression with small chandeliers to beautify your moment.

You can also give such a fresh color like blue and white as an archetype. Add more decoration with the same nuance of color. You can put typical Christmas decoration such as socks that hanging on the wall or fireplace. I’m sure you will enjoy Christmas in this fresh-looked living room.

Well, it’s true that Christmas is only one month away, but we live more than that. My advice, don’t decide everything in a hurry at the last minute so that you can bring something beautiful and get such an unforgettable impression and moment in your life.

The detail that will make a difference, the warmth of the Christmas style, to the colorful lights will make it more solemn. For that, there’s no longer any reason not to decorate your home with more intention!

32 Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas, Fashioning Your Own Winter Wonderland in Your House

Here are some of the Christmas living room decor ideas we have prepared that will make your Christmas unforgettable!

1. Lighting up Hearth and Tree

Source: thefrugalhomemaker.com

2. Gift Bags for Merry Christmas

Source: akadesign.ca

3. Gold Portal to the Music Room

Source: pinterest.com

4. Three Words, Three Stockings, Three Presents

Source: inmyownstyle.com

5. Silver Trimmings for the Tree

Source: refreshrestyle.com

6. Ladder and Plaids in Lights

Source: craftberrybush.com

7. Three Kings Royalty of Purple and Gold

Source: homihomi.com

8. Enchanted Entry into Christmas

Source: vintagesparklechic.blogspot.com

9. Striped Stockings March Downstairs

Source: freshome.com

10. Red and White Balls on Pine

Source: dukemanorfarm.com

11. Kraft Paper Packages Tied up with Ribbon

Source: hgtv.com

12. Tree in Silvery White Grandeur

Source: kelleynan.com

13. Snowflakes Flutter and Cover the Tree

Source: shadesofblueinteriors.com

14. Simply Green on White

Source: houseseven.blogspot.com

15. Snowy Tree with Snow All Around

Source: 2ladiesandachair.com

16. Christmas in a Basket by the Window

Source: instagram.com

17. Woodland Christmas Trees Set in White

Source: thriftyandchic.com

18. Christmas White on A Starry Night

Source: realhomesmagazine.co.uk

19. Gold Balls Nestled in Fluffy White Snow

Source: bloglovin.com

20. Christmas Peace in Furry White

Source: house-of-five.com

21. Green Pine Wrapped in White Ribbon

Source: shabbyfufublog.com

22. Gold and White Garlanded Tree

Source: thegracehouseinteriors.com

23. Cascading Garland Enlightens the Mantle

Source: freshome.com

24. Red Berry Balls, Night Lamps, and Fireplace

Source: walmart.com

25. Bench Clad in Red Plaid and Garland

Source: lizmarieblog.com

26. Tropical Christmas in Orange and Linen Stockings

Source: thespruce.com

27. Christmas Red and Beige-Sing Noel

Source: blesserhouse.com

28. Pinecone Passion Lines the Holiday Entertainment

Source: cherishedbliss.com

29. Gold Bedecked Tree in Blue Plaid Room

Source: inspirahogar.com

30. Tree in a Bucket in Rustic Room

Source: hu.pinterest.com

31. Colored Balls on White Tree

Source: jonesdesigncompany.com

32. Tree Stands Out in Gray

Source: amara.com

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