40 Small Bedroom Ideas and Designs for Increasing Your Quality Time At Home

Having a comfortable and attractive bedroom is certainly a dream for everyone. Small bedroom ideas and design will let you have such a good quality time with yourself. In addition, a comfortable bedroom can also support a variety of indoor activities. We often make it as a place to learn, work, and relax.

Have you ever seen the most comfortable and attractive bedroom design? or maybe you already have it? But believe it or not, 90% of the bedroom that meets enough criteria just use a simple bedroom design with high functionality. So, in essence, the bedroom design which makes you feel comfortable is not dependent on the spacious room at all.

But, to be able to create a simple and attractive small bedroom ideas and design which have high functionality isn’t easy as it sounds. It’s a bit tricky though, because most of the bedroom tends to have such a large furniture (wardrobe, mattress, .etc). With the lack of space to explore, many people are frustrated and neglectful in decorating their bedroom with a vengeance.

Well, actually with a good planning, it’s not impossible to have classy small bedroom ideas and design. The main key is to control the elements that exist and create a practical room.

40 Small Bedroom Ideas and Designs for Increasing Your Quality Time

In designing small bedroom, it’s all about the tricks to make some “illusions”, such as making the room looks more spacious, space saving, and create the piece of furniture to store your items with a creative design. Of course, coupled with a clean and neat design is mandatory. Starting from lightning, coloring, and glass as an accessory, whatever it’s both small or big will make a difference in your bedroom.

So, here are some small bedroom ideas and designs that you may apply to your own bedroom.

1. Small Bedroom Ideas with a Tall Bookshelf

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

2. Ample Storage Space Underneath the Bed

Source: onekindesign.com

3. Soft Ruffled Bed Facing a Small Desk

Source: viveremcasa.com

4. Bed with Storage Enclosed by Curtains

Source: mydomaine.com

5. A Raised Floor With Storage Galore

Source: homedit.com

6. A Corner Night Stand with Light

Source: mykidstime.com

7. A Murphy Bed with Ample Storage Space

Source: addicted2diy.com

8. Small Bedroom Ideas for Tight Corners

Source: manonamai.lt

9. A Full Walk-in Closet Under Your Bed

Source: cool-homedecorations.xyz

10. Corner Living with Lots of Pillows

Source: ar.pinterest.com

11. Illuminated Canopy Overlooking the Soft Bed

Source: tumblr.com

12. An Elevated Bed with Shelving and Storage

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

13. Bunk Beds with a Chair for Reading

Source: lizmarieblog.com

14. A Bed Hidden Away by Shelves

Source: diybetterhomes.com

15. A Comfortable Place to Stargaze at Night

Source: umods.ru

16. A Loft Staircase Full of Hidden Secrets

Source: cool-homedecorations.xyz

17. A Vanity with Hooks, Drawers, and Lighting

Source: palletfurnitureprojects.com

18. Stylish Wall of Shelves and Cabinets

Source: bedroomstyle.erichinenglish.org

19. A Platform Bed with Storage Below

Source: tinyhousefor.us

20. Built-in Nightstand with Soft Warm Lighting

Source: ilovepalets.com

21. Study Area and Closet Below a Loft

Source: designbump.com

22. Plenty of Shelf Space Behind the Bed

Source: houseandgarden.co.uk

23. Small Bedroom Ideas with Splashes of Color

Source: decor8blog.com

24. Making the Most of an A-Frame Design

Source: shabbychicmania.it

25. A Bright, Cozy Space with High Ceilings

Source: virlovastyle.com

26. A Cabin-Style Loft that’s Lacking Headspace

Source: idesignarch.com

27. Under Bed Storage that’s Easy to Reach

Source: facebook.com

28. Sliding Loft that Adjusts to Your Needs

Source: ana-white.com

29. A Bed-Sized Room with a Few Shelves

Source: gravityhome.tumblr.com

30. A Bed Enclosed by Curtains

Source: homedit.com

31. A Comfy Bed with a Small Dresser

Source: instagram.com

32. Welcoming White Shelves and Green Plants

Source: onekindesign.com

33. A Raised Loft with Bookshelves Below

Source: society19.com

34. Sleep Tight Amongst the Cabinets

Source: thesawdustdiaries.com

35. Sleeping Space Hidden Away by Curtains

Source: homedit.com

36. The Walls Become Your Closet

Source: iconscorner.com

37. A Movable Nightstand with Three Tiers

Source: boileremergency.net

38. Green Stripes Small Bedroom Design

Source: pinterest.com

39. All-in-One Bedroom Set

Source: pinterest.com

40. Workdesk Bedroom Set

Source: pinterest.com

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