13 “Leni Mizzle” Classic Monochrome Interior Design

Back to 19th century when the monochrome interior design is so popular among society. Monochrome means having black and white colors which look simple, but elegant. Moreover, it also can give a cozy impression to the room.

It’s quite similar to the exterior house design that must be carefully planned, minimalist home interior design is also no less important. There are a lot of interior design inspiration that you can apply to your house, such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. This privacy area should be designed in such way to bring intimate and calming feel.

From many concepts that are often used, there’s one special thing that caught my eyes up, this year’s trend brought back monochrome interior design that gives the impression of elegance and neutral to your house.

In fact, monochrome interior design was able to drug many people and finally change the theme from colorful to black and white era.

Well, for you old-school lovers, you should sneak n’ peek @lenimizzle design out! This unique house has furnitures and decorations dominated by monochrome interior design. In addition to uniqueness, many DIY are easy to imitate and made by yourself to beautify your house.

13 “Leni Mizzle” Classic Monochrome Interior Design

So, how the uniqueness of this monochrome interior design looks like? Let’s check this out!

1. Monochromatic Touch in front of Your House

Source: instagram.com/lenimizzle

Black and white key tiles can be used for the front porch. Pots painted with polka-dot pattern can also be used as hanging ornaments.

2. Keep Your Living Room Looks Simple and Elegant

Source: instagram.com/lenimizzle

You can use bamboo tables and chairs for your living room. To make it more unique, just color it in black and white.

3. Beautify Your Living Room with Some Decorations

Source: instagram.com/lenimizzle

L-letter sofa with gray color can be placed in the family room. You can also put some decorations on the wall with monochrome colors.

4. Wooden Cabinets to Make It Looks More Natural

Source: instagram.com/lenimizzle

Wooden cabinets serve for TV spots and items. In addition, it can also be functioned as a partition between the living room and other space.

5. Chalkboard Wall For Creativity

Source: instagram.com/lenimizzle

Paint one-side wall with black chalkboard. In addition to make it unique, this wall can also be a container to hone the creativity of children.

6. Add Some Stripped Pattern

Source: instagram.com/lenimizzle

The small area near the bathroom can also be painted with black and white striped pattern to make it look unique and different. Place the cabinet with a light blue color.

7. Black and White Bathroom Decorations

Source: instagram.com/lenimizzle

You can also decorate your bathroom interior with a variety of black and white decorations like this.

8. Brick Wallpaper As a Trick to Make It Unique

Source: instagram.com/lenimizzle

Brick wallpaper can be a trick to make your kitchen interior looks more natural and unique.

9. Monochrome Kitchen Design

Source: instagram.com/lenimizzle

Conventional kitchens are now outdated, it’s time to upgrade your design taste with monochromatic style!

10. Beautify Your Dining Room to Increase Your Appetite

Source: instagram.com/lenimizzle

You can merge your dining room with the kitchen. One thing, you may paint the¬†wooden board with chalkboard paint so it can be used as a recipe board. That’s cool, huh?

11. Just a Cozy Room Where You Can Wash Your Clothes

Source: instagram.com/lenimizzle

The washing room measures 1.5 x 2.9 m only. In fact, the drying board can be dismantled as needed. For the roof, you can use transparent fiber materials.

12. Unique Monochromatic Bunkbed

Source: instagram.com/lenimizzle

Bunk Bed can be a good solution when you have two children but limited space at home.

13. Decor Your Room with Monochromatic Wallpaper

Source: instagram.com/lenimizzle

Do not let the wall looks plain, you can put a black wallpaper or a dark floating shelf.

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