20 Rustic Home Design That Make You Feel The Nature

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Rustic home design recently has become more popular. Well, actually the reason is quite simple though, because it’s environmentally friendly and also can give a natural impression to our house. Rustic home design actually has been used by our ancestors back to hundreds years ago. Basically, they use wood-based material because it’s more comfortable and can adjust the temperature condition in the room

But, really, to have a beautiful house is something that is always coveted by many people, but to make our house looks beautiful doesn’t have to change everything and try to ruin what we have – just because it doesn’t seem modern – you can have a beautiful house with natural nuance and, natural resources.

Home design today may not be able to bring back the aspects and values of past life. But we can bring an environment and circumstances around for the nuances of antiquity.

Okay, now let’s talk about the history, in the Roman until the Renaissance era, rustic home design is more focused on finishing the facade with a rough and contrasting texture rocks, completed with the other ornaments that can beautify your room.

This ideas have been developed in this modern era. The creations of rustic home design is now merging with some elements which are not the same shape, random, and contrary to neatness.

For example, houses in village are made of rough wood. This outdoors view can be categorized into rustic style, because it has a strong impression of material.

Want to make some? Here are the lists of rustic home design ideas that make you feel the natural atmosphere inside your house.

20 Rustic Home Design That Make You Feel The Nature

1. Entry Way Gallery Wall

Source: lillianhopedesigns.com

2. DIY Rustic X Coffee Table

Source: erahomedesign.com

3. Arrow Arts with Paint Markers

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4. DIY Bathroom Signs

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5.  Classic Dining Table

Source: www.ana-white.com

6. Farmhouse Reading Nook

Source: feelitcool.com

7. Nature Ladder Rack

Source: www.funkyjunkinteriors.net

8. Nature Kitchen Shelves Decoration

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9. Living Room Decor

Source: www.fionaandersenphotography.com

10. Farmhouse Modern Bathroom

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11. Word Art Decoration

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12. Kitchen Table Decor

Source: www.twelveonmain.com

13. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Source: www.vintagewhitesblog.com

14. Farmhouse Table and Bench

Source: www.diningtableandbenches.co.uk

15. Classy Farmhouse Shelves

Source: ourvintagehomelove.blogspot.com.es

16. Final Bathroom Decor

Source: www.shadesofblueinteriors.com

17. Bedroom Shelves Decor

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18. Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Source: tarynwhiteaker.com

19. Simple and Elegant Kitchen Shelves

Source: www.ellaclaireinspired.com

20. Rustic Work Desk

Source: www.westelm.com